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[. . . ] €¢ Never insert fingers, pencils or any other object through the holes of the plastic shell. €¢ Power plug must be removed from power socket before cleaning, serving, maintenance and move from one location to another. €¢ The fan should be placed on a flat and stable surface when operating to avoid overturning. [. . . ] €¢ Pull out the water tank from the body for about 1/3 and pour water into the tank. Make sure the water level is not higher than the “MAX” water line and lower than the “MIN” water line. €¢ To increase the cooling effect, you can put the frozen ice box in the water tank. button Oscillation button Evaporator/cooler button Function Activate or deactivate the oscillation function. Press the evaporator/cooler button once, the unit will act as a evaporator now. If combined with Ice box, this unit can lower its surrounding about 3°C. EN Ice Box • The ice box can lower the temperature of the water in the tank. €¢ Take out the ice box and put it in the freezer until the ice box is totally frozen. Mode Press button “MODE” when air cooler is working, you can choose between the following different modes. 2nd speed setting: working in natural wind 2nd speed for 30 minutes, then change and keep working on 1st speed. 3rd speed setting: working in natural wind 3rd speed for 30 minutes, then change to natural wind 2nd speed for 30 minutes, then change and keep working on 1st speed. €¢ Normal wind: the wind speed is fixed, when you choose like 2nd speed, then it keeps working on 2nd speed setting. OPERATION Function of the control panel Button On/off button Function Plug the unit into an electric outlet. Timer button When the air cooler is running, press the Timer button to preset the running time, each press will increase the preset time with one hour. [. . . ] Ask your local authorities for information regarding the point of recollection. €¢ GUARANTEE • This product is guaranteed for 24 months granted. Your warranty is valid if the product is used in accordance to the instructions and for the purpose for which it was created. [. . . ]


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