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[. . . ] Users Guide & Installation Handbook Stoves Built-in Electric UK Part No 083137206 Date 09/08/2017 CONTENTS & INTRODUCTION CONTENTS • • • • • • SAFETY USING THE PRODUCT CLEANING INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS TECHNICAL DATA CUSTOMER CARE WARRANTY Your new appliance comes with our 12 month guarantee, protecting you against electrical and mechanical breakdown. To register your appliance please call 0844 481 0182, complete the registration form included or register online at the web address located on the back page of this book. For full terms & conditions of the manufacturer’s guarantee, refer to the website on the back of this book. European Directives As a producer and a supplier of cooking appliances we are committed to the protection of the environment and are in the compliance with the WEEE directive. [. . . ] 100 USING THE CLOCK/PROGRAMMER-ELEC(if fitted) The touch control programmer There are three touch control icons for this timer - the table below shows you what the symbols look like, depending on the model type, & their functions. Note - some functions require you to ‘touch & hold’ an icon for a few seconds, whilst others require you to just ‘touch’ the icon without holding. The ‘function’ icon in the centre is used for setting the minute minder & setting up the automatic cooking - see below for details. Used to decrease cook / end time, remove minutes from the minute minder and adjust the time of day. Used to increase cook / end time, add minutes to the minute minder and adjust the time of day. This ‘A’ symbol appears when either a semi, or fully automatic program is selected. Once a program is set the symbol will light up, and remain lit until the alarm sounds, or the program is cancelled. This Bell symbol appears when the Minute Minder function has been selected. Once the length of time is set, the Bell symbol remains lit until the time runs down, or the function is cancelled. This message and ‘A’ symbol appear when you are asked to set the length of time you require the oven to cook automatically for. This message and ‘A’ symbol appear when you are asked to enter in an end time, or when you would like the oven to switch itself off. + Down/minus Up/plus Used to select the functions available FUNC- MODE on this timer. 100 USING THE CLOCK/PROGRAMMER-ELEC(if fitted) Setting the time of day Touch & hold the centre (function) icon for a few seconds until the ● symbol between the numbers on the LED display flashes. While the ● symbol is flashing, you can adjust the time of day by touching the plus & minus icons. Important - once the time of day has been set, allow approximately 30 seconds before using any of the other programmer functions. Setting an alarm tone Touch & hold the plus & minus icons simultaneously until the ● symbol flashes & you hear a beep - then touch the centre (function) icon. You can change the tone by repeatedly touching the minus icon - there are three tones to choose from. Setting the minute minder To set the minute minder, touch & hold the centre (function) icon until the bell symbol appears & begins to flash. Important - the flashing will last for approximately five seconds, so any setting must be carried out within this time frame. When the desired length of time has counted down, the alarm will sound. To cancel the minute minder at any time, touch & hold the plus & minus icons together. Semi-automatic cooking Method 1 - duration (switch off after set time period): Touch & hold the centre (function) icon; the bell will flash & you will hear a beep. [. . . ] In most cases the neon (if fitted) will cycle on and off to show that oven is maintaining your temperature choice. Whilst inside the oven your food will never be polluted by this smell. Call Customer Care for a Service Engineer’s visit if: • You find that the oven becomes hotter at a particular temperature - the thermostat may need replacing. 010 My oven is a single combined oven and grill - can I use both functions together? [. . . ]


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