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[. . . ] Door alarm · When the refrigerator door is left open for more than two minutes, a musical alarm is automatically triggered. Abundant supply of ice and cold water · The ice and water dispenser provides ice and cold water at any time. Extra refrigerating compartment · You do not have to open the main door to access frequently used food in the extra refrigerating compartment. Given this independent system, the refrigerator and freezer are cooled individually as required and are, therefore, more efficient. [. . . ] Be sure to remove any ice cubes in the ice bucket after setting the timer. - If you select both the Vacation and Ice Timer modes, the refrigerator is switched off. When the start time is reached, the appliance begins making ice, the Vacation mode is cancelled and the refrigerator operates normally. - If you select the Vacation mode but not the Ice Timer mode and when you are away for an extended period of time, close the water tap. The refrigerator switches off and the "Ice off" mode is selected. Remove any food from the refrigerator and any ice from the ice bucket. Please turn on the anti sweat-heater the time when sweat occurs on the surface of dispenser panel. (position : ON) 9 STORING FOOD REFRIGERATED FOOD STRORAGE METHODS Tempered glass shelf Dairy compartment · Can be used safely because it will not break if it falls. · Can be used to store fatty foods, like butter and cheese. Fresh center (option) Multiple guard · Helps preserve the taste of food and prolongs its freshness. Use the chiller to store cheese, meat, snacks, fish or any food to be used quickly. · Can be used to store foods in small packages, such as milk and yoghurt. Fresh salad drawer(Upper) Extra refrigerating compartment (model with Home Bar) · Is used to store vegetables. · This compartment is airtight. · Can be used to store The cooling system does not, therefore, directly affect the food stored in it. It maintains the water content and freshness of the food for a long time. frequently used items, such as beverages. Beverage shelf · Can be used to store Fresh fruit salad drawer(Low) · Is used to store fruit. · This compartment preserves a variety of bottles, cans and cartons. freshness for a long time by maintaining the moisture in the food. For more space, you can store food with drawers removed. Egg rack · Put eggs in the egg rack and then place the rack on the tempered glass shelf. FROZEN FOOD STORAGE METHODS Multiple guard · Can be used for small packages of frozen food. Tempered glass shelf · Can be used to store all types of frozen food. 10 Meat and dry goods storage compartment · Can be used to store meat and dry goods. · Do not clean it with benzene, thinner or car detergent. CHANGING THE INTERIOR LIGHT Before changing the interior light, unplug the appliance from the power supply. If you experience difficulty when changing the light, contact your service centre. WARNING INTERIOR LIGHT IN THE FREEZER (BASIC MODEL ONLY) / REFRIGERATOR Place a flat screwdriver under the light cover hooks and push in the direction of the arrow. After changing the bulb, replace the light cover. INTERIOR LIGHT IN THE FREEZER (MODEL WITH ICE AND WATER DISPENSER) Lift and pull out the ice maker cover (). Replace the bulb with a new one (), and then secure the light cover back into place using a screwdriver. Replace the ice maker cover. 14 ICE-MAKING FILTER What is the ice-making filter?· The ice-making filter is a device which removes impureties from the water. · Connect the ice-making filter provided to the water tap (refer to the installation manual). · Remove the residue in the ice-making filter by rinsing it with water. · Every 6 months on average but it may vary, depending on the water quality. · The water filter indicator turns orange to inform you that you should replace the water filter soon. [. . . ] Checking the Parts (Model with the purifier) Sealing tape 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) Clip A x 8EA Tapping screw x 12EA Water tube Purifier Purifier lock station Tightening band 11 INSTALLATION PROCEDURE 1. 3) Every join should be protected with sealing tape. WARRANTY INFORMATION This water line installation is not covered by the fridge/freezer or ice maker manufacturer's warranty. Follow these instructions carefully to minimise the risk of expensive water damage. CAUTION The water tube must be connected to the cold water pipe. If it is connected to the hot water pipe, it may cause the purifier to malfunction. COUPLER "A" Note: If the coupler does not fit on the existing tap, consult the nearest authorised service dealer and purchase the right couplers for the installation. TAP 2. [. . . ]


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