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[. . . ] Ensure that the tubing of the refrigerant circuit is not damaged during transportation and installation. If damage has occurred ■ Keep naked flames and/or ignition sources away from the appliance, ■ thoroughly ventilate the room for several minutes, ■ switch off the appliance and pull out the mains plug, ■ inform customer service. The more refrigerant an appliance contains, the larger the room must be in which the appliance is situated. Leaking refrigerant can form a flammable gas-air mixture in rooms which are too small. [. . . ] Connect the appliance to 220–240 V/50 Hz alternating current via a correctly installed socket with protective conductor. For appliances operated in nonEuropean countries, check whether the stated voltage and current type match the values of your mains supply. , Note The appliance is fully functional within the room temperature limits of the indicated climatic class. If an appliance of climatic class SN is operated at colder room temperatures, the appliance will not be damaged up to a temperature of +5 °C. M Warning Never connect the appliance to electronic energy saver plugs. Mainscontrolled inverters are used for photovoltaic systems which are connected directly to the national grid. On ships or in mountain lodges) which are not connected directly to the national grid. Temperature display Indicates the set temperature of the freezer compartment. Alarm button Used to switch off the warning signal, see chapter “Alarm function”. 1-5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14* 15 16 Controls Light (LED) NoFrost System Freezer compartment flap Glass shelf Ice maker/Ice cube container Frozen food container (small) Frozen food container (large) Height-adjustable feet Ice pack Freezer calendar Door ventilation 3 4 5 Switching the appliance on Fig. When the freezer compartment has reached the set temperature, the temperature display 4 is lit. Freeze large quantities of food preferably in the very top compartment where food freezes particularly quickly and therefore also gently. Temperature in the supermarket freezer must be -18 °C or lower. If possible, transport deep-frozen food in an insulated bag and place quickly in the freezer compartment. Several hours before placing fresh food in the freezer compartment, switch on super freezing to prevent an unwanted temperature rise. This appliance runs constantly and the freezer compartment drops to a very low temperature. Freezing capacity is to be used, super freezing must be switched on for 24 hours before the fresh produce is placed in the freezer compartment. Smaller quantities of food (up to 2 kg) can be frozen without “super freezing”. note When super freezing is switched on , increased operating noises may occur. Thawing frozen food Depending on the type and application, select one of the following options: ■ ■ ■ ■ at room temperature in the refrigerator in an electric oven, with/without fan assisted hot-air in the microwave m Caution Do not refreeze thawing or thawed food. Note If too much drinking water is added, the function of the ice maker may be impaired. Too much drinking water was added and is running into the storage container, causing any ice cubes to freeze together. [. . . ] The arrangement of the fittings does not affect the energy rating of the appliance. Preventing noises The appliance is not level Please align the appliance with a spirit level. The appliance is not free-standing Please move the appliance away from adjacent units or appliances. Containers or storage areas wobble or stick Please check the removable parts and re-insert them correctly if required. [. . . ]


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