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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] USER GUIDE SIXTY Dear customer, You have just acquired a new generation Sagemcom telephone and thank you for placing your confidence in us. If you should have difficulties in operating it, we recommend that you consult this user manual. We reserve the right to make changes without notice, modifications and improvements to the products described in this user manual. You can also find information on the following site: http://www. sagemcom. com/sixty To operate the device safely and easily, please read carefully the paragraph "Recommendations and safety instructions", page 4. The CE label confirms that the product complies with the 1999/5/EC regulations of the European Union Parliament regarding wireless systems and telecommunications. [. . . ] or to select the contact you want to ASSOCIATING A RING PHONEBOOK ENTRY You can associate a unique ring tone to each entry and thus create your own call groups As you need the active number presentation service on your handset, contact your operator to find out about the conditions for obtaining the service. · Select the entry with which you want to associate a ring tone. · A confirmation screen asks you if you wish to delete the entry. - To delete the entry, press Yes, the contact is deleted from your phone book. - If you do not wish to delete the entry, press No. CALLING USING THE PHONEBOOK · Go to the menu PHONEBOOK. · From the list of names, select the contact you want to call using keys or . The number is automatically dialled in speakerphone mode. CALL LOG Caller identification is a service that requires prior registration with your operator. To check your call log directly, press the Log key from the idle screen. SEARCHING FOR A CONTACT · Access your phonebook list, press successively on the keypad key which corresponds to the first letter of the name you are searching for so as to make it appear at the top of the screen. · Once the first letter of the name is displayed, wait a moment. · The phonebook selects the first name in the list that starts with the selected letter. VIEWING CALL LOG THE RECEIVED AND DIALLED · Go to the menu CALLS / INCOMING CALLS or OUTGOING CALLS. (depending on the operator and the subscription): - the full name of your contact and the telephone number, - the number of consecutive calls, - time (for calls during the day) or the date (for previous calls) of the call. The calls are organised in chronological order, from the most recent call to the oldest call. To see the previous calls, use the keys or . 17 17 By pressing Option, a list of various executable actions appears: - CALL : To call the number. To return to the call viewing screen, press Return. Activating/deactivating the new event information screen The new event information screen can be inhibited. The events which have occurred can then be viewed in the menu CALLS / EVENTS / VIEW. · Select ACTIVATE or DEACTIVATE to enable or disable the displaying of the new events screen. · Press Valid. . THE EVENTS LOG Viewing the events log If one or more new events occurred during your absence, the information screen "NEW EVENTS !" appears and the light starts flashing. · If you do not wish to view the event log at this time, press Return. or . Clearing notifications The notifications received are saved in the event log and can be deleted once they have been viewed. to remove the notifications received on your base. INFORMATION The light only stops flashing when all the events have been viewed. During an incoming call, following messages can be displayed: PRIVATE: Your contact does not want their number to be displayed. UNAVAILABLE: If there is a problem on the phone network. 18 18 ACCESSORIES ALARM CLOCK This function enable you to use your SIXTY as an alarm clock. When the alarm is triggered the selected ring tone sounds for 60 seconds through the handset speaker and an alert screen is displayed. Modifying the alarm clock time · Go to ACCESSORIES / ALARM. [. . . ] Unless the customer has concluded with SAGEMCOM a maintenance contract in respect of the equipment which specifically provides for repairs to be carried out at the customer`s premises, the repairs will not be carried out on the equipment at the customer premises. The customer must however return the defective equipment at his/her own expense, to the address supplied by the SAGEMCOM Helpdesk or by the retailer. In the case that a product needs to be sent in for a repair, it must always be accompanied by a proof of purchase (which is not altered, written on or in any way made illegible) showing that the product is still under guarantee. In the case that no proof of purchase is enclosed, the SAGEMCOM repair centre will use the production date as its reference for establishing the guarantee status of the product. [. . . ]


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