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Manual abstract: user guide SAGEM MLP 1100-X

Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] User can check the lamp life status in the INSTALLATION ON THE CEILING MENU of projector. The ceiling must be strong enough to support the unit and Change the lamp cartridge when the brightness is no more the installation must be in accordance with any local buildacceptable (see p16 for instruction). The unit must be installed by qualified service personnel. POWER SUPPLY This unit is designed to operate on a power supply of 100~240VAC, 50 - 60 Hz. Be sure that your power supply fits the above requirement before attempting to use the unit. [. . . ] Connect the power cord. The three indicators will flash once together, and the POWER indicator will light ORANGE. Press the POWER button. The POWER indicator will flash GREEN for a while, and then light steadily. Turn on the connected input source. Press the SOURCE button to select the input signal. FREEZE MENU 1 4 SOURCE AUTO LAMP TEMP KEYSTONE POWER 6 FREEZE M ENU SOURCE AUTO 3 LAMP TEMP KEYSTONE POWER --Source select-VGA YPbPr/YCbCr YPbPr YCbCr S-VIDEO VIDEO : Select or Enter : Confirm 2 Y VGA / YPbPr / YCbCr 5 Pb Cb S-Video Pr Cr USB RS232 Video Video Equipment Computer Input Source RGB (VGA) VCR/VCD/DVD Player Video (Composite video images) Digital Camcorder S-Video (S-Video images) DVD Player Set-top-box YCbCr (Component images) YPbPr (Component images) 7 Adjustment Projection Angle Lift the projector and press the adjuster buttons to adjust the projection angle. You can turn the bases of the adjuster legs to adjust the angle slightly. Adjuster Button Adjuster Legs Image Size & Focus Turn the focus/zoom ring to adjust the image focus and size. Zoom Ring Focus Ring Other Functions The hot keys on the control panel or remote control 1 Keystone Control Panel FREEZE FREEZE SOURCE AUTO SOURCE AUTO KEYSTONE KEYSTONE Remote Control LASER FREEZE POWER LASER FREEZE POWER SOURCE AUTO SOURCE AUTO ENTER KEYSTONE MENU ENTER KEYSTONE MENU ESC ESC 2 Auto When the AUTO button is pressed, the image will be adjusted automatically in accordance with the signal being input. FREEZE LASER FREEZE POWER SOURCE AUTO SOURCE AUTO ENTER KEYSTONE MENU KEYSTONE ESC 8 3 Source Control Panel Remote Control FREEZE FREEZE LASER FREEZE POWER LASER FREEZE POWER SOURCE AUTO SOURCE AUTO SOURCE AUTO SOURCE AUTO ENTER KEYSTONE MENU ENTER KEYSTONE MENU KEYSTONE KEYSTONE ESC ESC 4 Freeze FREEZE LASER FREEZE POWER SOURCE AUTO SOURCE AUTO ENTER KEYSTONE MENU KEYSTONE ESC A still image is displayed. 1 Press the POWER button twice to turn off the power. To prevent mis-operation, a confirmation message appears when POWER is pressed once. Wait until the POWER indicator lights ORANGE steadily (until the cooling fan stops). 2 Be careful not to disconnect the power cord while the cooling fan is still running. 3. 3 Disconnect the power cord. 9 USING THE REMOTE CONTROL LASER Pressing the button to use the remote control as a laser pointer. POWER Turning on the unit and starting operation. SOURCE Selecting the input source manually such as VGA (connecting computer), Video, S-Video, YCbCr, or HDTV (YPbPr). FREEZE Freezing the picture. Press the same button to relieve the function. LASER FREEZE POWER KEYSTONE Correcting the keystone distortion. SOURCE AUTO AUTO Adjusting the image automatically in accordance with the input signal. MENU Showing the On-Screen Display menu (OSD) and adjust the picture elements. ENTER KEYSTONE MENU ENTER Accepting a menu item or display the next level menu. ESC Closing the menu. ESC LEFT RIGHT ASPECT MUTE ZOOM ARROW KEYS Using these buttons to select and adjust menu items when the menu (OSD) is displayed. RIGHT The same as "Right button" of PC mouse. LEFT The same as "Left button" of PC mouse. ASPECT Setting the aspect ratio for projected images. VOL CURSOR Moving the mouse "up", "down", "left", and "right". MUTE No audio effect. Press the same button to relieve the function. ZOOM Using +, - to zoom the projected image. VOLUME Using +, - to adjust volume. Caution!Do not point LASER pointer to anyone's eyes or stare into beam. Laser Beam:Laser type: Class 2 Wavelength: 650nm Output: 0. 45-0. 80 mW INSERTING BATTERIES BEFORE OPERATION The projector attaches two AAA batteries as accessories. If the electricity is used up, please purchase and replace new ones of the same type. <NOTE!> 1. Freeze animated image. PIP MODE AUDIO FREEZE ABC LANGUAGE Function Set the language for OSD. Sub-menu LANGUAGE COLOR ADVANCED Function Select a gamma color-curve mode to get better image quality. If the color temperature is lower, colors appear reddish and color tone appears softer. If the color temperature is higher, colors appear bluish and color tone appears sharper. Sub-menu COLOR MODE COLOR TEMP. RGB GAIN RGB LEVEL Adjust the image contrast for each RGB color. Adjust the image brightness for each RGB color. 12 INSTALLATION Sub-menu IMAGE ASPECT AUTO-KEYSTONE KEYSTONE ORIENTATION Function Set the aspect ratio for projected images. [. . . ] Attach the air filter. Air Filter 14 REPLACING THE LAMP UNIT Under normal usage, the lamp life time of the projector is about 1500 hours. User can check the "lamp counter" in the MANAGEMENT MENU of OSD. User can consult qualified agent or manufacturer for model of lamp cartridge and purchase new ones for replacement. 4 Pull the lamp cartridge up carefully to remove it. WARNING ! * THE POWER CORD MUST BE DISCONNECTED to prevent the danger of electric shock while user replacing the lamp cartridge. [. . . ]


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