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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] FAX 3245 MF 3265 User Manual 2 Dear Customer, Thank you very much for having decided to purchase a SAGEM fax machine. We hope that you will have lots of fun using your new laser fax machine. With your new fax machine you can send and receive faxes, make telephone calls, send and receive SMS messages, as well as make copies. The machine prints on ordinary copier and typewriter and photocopier paper. [. . . ] You can interrupt the process at any time, by pressing STOP. 3 2 Printing Multiple Copies You can apply settings to your fax machine whereby multiple copies of fax transmissions are printed out upon reception. Pressing C will return you to the previous menu step; pressing STOP will return you to the root menu. 3 3 4 Time Stamp The machine prints the date and the exact arrival time on every incoming fax received. This allows you to document the exact time at which you have received a fax transmission. A memory buffer in the fax machine ensures that the correct date and time of reception will be maintained even after a power loss. If the time stamp function is activated, incoming faxes will be stored in the fax memory. As soon as the last page has arrived, the arrival time is stored and the fax machine prints out all the pages. 1 If you would like to turn this function off, press MENU/OK, 26 and OK. Pressing C will return you to the previous menu step; pressing STOP will return you to the root menu. Broadcast Transmissions to a Group 1 Insert the document face down into the document feed slot. Select a group by pressing . You can enter additional groups or individual numbers. Select an additional group or choose entries from the telephone book, the redial list or the caller list; alternatively, you may enter additional numbers manually using the number pad. You can interrupt the process at any time, by pressing STOP. 2 3 If your fax machine is not able to reach one of the recipients because the line is busy or if the connection cannot be made, the document will still be sent to the other recipients on the list. After the fax machine has dialled the numbers of all recipients, it will try again to call the recipients who were not reached on the first attempt. Chapter 4. Fax 25 Time-Deferred Polling Time-Deferred Sending 1 With this function, you can send fax transmissions at a later time--within a 24-hour period. For example, you can use this feature to take advantage of better telephone rates or to send a fax to a recipient who can be reached only at certain times. Enter the desired number or select an entry from the telephone book, the redial list or the caller list. You can enter additional recipients and send the fax transmission as a broadcast by pressing the blue key and . Enter the time at which the document should be sent, for example 14 00 for 2:00 pm. After a short warm up phase, the fax machine will read the document into the fax memory and will send out the fax at the specified time. Enter the number from which you would like to poll a fax or select an entry from the telephone book, the redial list or the caller list. Enter the time at which the document should be polled, for example 14 00 for 2:00 pm. The number will now appear on the display as well as the time at which the machine will poll the fax transmission. [. . . ] 33. 6k Chapter Appendix 43 Guarantee (UK Terms and Conditions) SAGEM SA is the European Number 1 in fax and offers a complete range of fax terminals with Internet access and SMS function, multifunctional terminals and servers covering the needs of all its customers--from home-users to multinational organisations. If you bought your equipment from SAGEM Communication Austria GmbH directly, the following shall apply: - unsuitable operating conditions, particularly of temperature and humidity; or - repair or maintenance of the equipment by persons not authorised by SAGEM Communication Austria GmbH; or wear and tear from normal daily use of the equipment and its accessories damage due to insufficient or bad packaging of equipment when returned to SAGEM Communication Austria GmbH supply of new versions of software work on any equipment or software modified or added without the prior written consent of SAGEM Communication Austria GmbH malfunctions not resulting from the Equipment or from software installed in user workstations for the purpose of use of the equipment, communication problems related to an unsuitable environment, including: - problems related to access and/or connection to the Internet such as interruptions by access networks or malfunction of the line used by the subscriber or his correspondent - transmission faults (for example poor geographical coverage by radio transmitters, interference or poor line quality) - the local network fault (wiring, servers, workstations) or the failure of the transmission network the normal servicing (as defined in the user guide supplied with the equipment) as well as malfunctioning due to servicing not being carried out, servicing costs are in any event always borne by the customer. A SAGEM Communication Austria GmbH undertakes to remedy by repair, free of charge for labour and replacement parts, any defects in the equipment during a period of twelve (12) months from the date of original delivery of the Equipment, where those defects are a result of faulty workmanship. During this twelve month guarantee period, the defective equipment will be repaired free of charge; the customer must however return the defective equipment at his/her own expense, to the address given by SAGEM Communication Austria GmbH After Sales Department, the phone number of which can be found on the delivery slip. Unless the customer has concluded with SAGEM Communication Austria GmbH a maintenance contract in respect of the equipment which specifically provides for repairs to be carried out at the customer's premises, the repairs will not be carried out on the equipment at the customer's premises. [. . . ]


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