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[. . . ] Avril 2004 5:04 17 SAGEM PHOTO EASY 155 Livret utilisateur - Document non contractuel User Guide - Data subject to change without notice Bedienungsanleitung - Dokument ohne vertragscharakter Manual del usuario - Documento no contractual Manuale dell’utente - Documento privo di valore contrattuale Gebruiksaanwijzing - Geen contractueel document User guide Livret d’utilisation Bedienungsanleitung Manual del usuario Manuale dell'utente Gebruiksaanwijzing Société anonyme à directoire et conseil de surveillance au capital de 36. Juin 2004 11:14 11 1 WELCOME You have just acquired a SAGEM PHOTO EASY 155 printer, and we thank you for choosing our product. With this high quality printer you can get the most out of your digital photos. In a few simple steps you can produce photo prints identical to those from a professional developer, for your personal use or to share with friends and family. [. . . ] Providing additional data (for example, date and time), in addition to the photo to be printed. After the analysis and recognition phase, the following screen appears - 16 - Liasse AZUR_GB. Juin 2004 11:14 11 The print is launched automatically, the green light is flashing. This function lets you select the photographs to be printed on your camera, then print them on the SAGEM PHOTO EASY 155 printer from a memory card. Your camera must comply with the DPOF (Digital Print Order Format) standard. Refer to your camera documentation to find out if it is compatible with this standard. Select the required photographs on the camera (follow the instructions in the documentation of your camera). Warning - Example: memory card that contains 15 photographs selected for printing. C To switch back to DPOF mode, press and hold the key down for 3 seconds. - 17 - NEDERLANDS ITALIANO ESPAÑOL DEUTSCH Remove the memory card from the camera and insert it into the correct slot of your SAGEM PHOTO EASY 155 printer. The DPOF logo on the printer screen is activated and the number of printable photographs is displayed in the lower left-hand corner of the screen. Juin 2004 11:14 11 PRINTING FROM A GSM MOBILE PHONE CAMERA Photographs taken with a GSM mobile phone equipped with a camera can be printed on the SAGEM PHOTO EASY 155 printer. To do this, the photographs need to be transferred to the printer via an IR (infrared) link between the 2 devices. Switch on the SAGEM PHOTO EASY 155 printer (press " I " on the on/off switch). Tips - GSM mobile phones with cameras work on low definition ; for a better quality of print we suggest you print 2 or 4 photos per sheet. Place your GSM mobile phone opposite the SAGEM PHOTO EASY 155 printer so that the IR "windows" are facing each other and are not more than 30 centimetres apartPlace your GSM. Warning - In an environment exposed to intense light, a distance of not more 10 centimetres between the two infrared windows is recommended. Select a photograph on your GSM mobile phone and start the IR ink transfer. The message " Ir " blinks on the printer screen throughout the transfer operation. Juin 2004 11:14 11 When the transfer is complete, the following information is displayed on the screen: You can now: • Start printing the transferred photograph, after setting the print format and number of copies if required. € Transfer another photograph from your GSM mobile phone camera, which will be added to those already stored in the printer. At the end of each transfer, the total number of photographs stored is displayed on the printer screen (the one with the highest number being the last one transferred). [. . . ] Check the card source or try with another source Error during transfer of photographs from GSM mobile phone camera. Photograph to be transferred too big or insufficient space to store photograph in printer. Err 22 Err 23 Err 27 None None None Err 72 None IR link Transfer error Err 75 Err 76 Err 80 None IR link Not enough space to store photograph File format not supported SIM card no longer valid None IR link SIM card - 27 - NEDERLANDS ITALIANO ESPAÑOL Err 14 Film cartridge Check that the cartridge is correctly inserted and that the locking lever is locked. Err 90 SIM card and ribban Authorized print quantity reached The selected number of photos is greater than the remaining ribbon capacity to print all photos. [. . . ]


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