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Manual abstract: user guide SAGEM D27T

Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Dear customer: Thank you for purchasing a DECT SAGEMCOM telephone we appreciate your trust in us. This product was manufactured with the utmost care, should you encounter difficulties during its use. You can also find information on the following site: For your comfort and safety, we ask that you read the following paragraph carefully: Your DECT telephone must not be installed in a humid room (wash-up room, bathroom, laundry room, kitchen, etc. Your telephone must be operated at temperatures ranging from 5°C and 45°C. [. . . ] The ring melody from an internal call is different from an external call. "handset " and the calling handset number appear on the screen. Transfering an external call to another handset registered on same base 1. To switch from one call to another, press and hold down the signal is heard. If the called handset does not answer, press Making conference calls (3-way conversation) You can connect one external call to two handsets registered at the base station. Press and hold key, until an aural signal is heard to start a three-way conference. Two outside calls Taking a second call while you are already on line During a call, a beep is emitted by your operator to inform you that a second call is on hold. Press then the key Your first contact is put on hold and you can talk with the second caller. Key for 1 second, when the keypad lock is switched ON, the display will Press and hold show "keys locked ". To recover to normal, press and hold key 1 sec or replace handset into the base cradle. Press menu, select "clock&alarm " using the or key, Press menu. (If, after entering the time, the time format is 12H, use the key to set pM). Press menu, select "clock&alarm " using the or key, Press menu. Press menu, select "clock&alarm " using the or key, Press menu. Press menu, select "clock&alarm " using the or key, Press menu. To repeat the alarm each day at the programmed time, select "on daily ". Select your choice then press menu: Use the touch tone pad to enter the current alarm time. Key to (If, after entering the time, the time format is 12H, use the key to set aM and the set pM). Press menu, select "clock&alarm " using the or key, Press menu. Your base station code (default setting 0000) is required to access certain security functions. Press and hold key for 5 seconds (after 1 minute if no Handset has started association process the base goes back to standby). The display shall show "WAITING" to indicate the waiting state. [. . . ] If any provision of this guarantee shall be held to be in whole or in part invalid or illegal due to an obligatory rule applicable to consumers pursuant to their national legislation, such invalidity or illegality shall not impair or affect the remaining provisions or parts of this guarantee. B) Exclusions From Guarantee SAGEMCOM shall have no liability under the guarantee in respect of: Damage, defects, breakdown or malfunction due to one or more of the following: o Failure to properly follow the installation process and instructions for use o An external cause to the equipment (including but not limited to: lightening, fire, shock, vandalism, inappropriate conditions of electrical network or water damage of any nature) o Modifications made without the written approval of SAGEMCOM o Unsuitable operating conditions, particularly of temperature and humidity o Repair or maintenance of the equipment by persons not authorised by SAGEMCOM Wear and tear from normal daily use of the equipment and its accessories Damage due to insufficient or bad packaging of equipment when returned to SAGEMCOM Usage of new versions of software without the previous approval of SAGEMCOM Work on any equipment or software modified or added without the prior written consent of SAGEMCOM Malfunctions not resulting from the Equipment or from software installed in user workstations for the purpose of use of the equipment. Communication problems related to an unsuitable environment including: o Problems related to access and/or connection to the Internet such as interruptions by access networks or malfunction of the line used by the subscriber or his correspondent o Transmission faults (for example poor geographical coverage by radio and TV transmitters, interference or poor line quality) o Local network faults (wiring, servers, workstations) or the failure of the transmission network (such as but not limited to interferences, fault or poor quality of the network) o Modification of the parameters of the cellular or broadcast network carried out after the sale of the Product Normal servicing (as defined in the user guide supplied with the equipment) as well as malfunctioning due to servicing not being carried out. Malfunctions resulting from the usage of products, consumables or accessories not compatible with the equipment. [. . . ]


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