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Manual abstract: user guide SAGEM C95

Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] ⷠPosition the telephone so that it is held firmly and without causing a hazard. Press button Pick up the handset from its base: you should hear the dial tone. During a call you can switch to mute mode: the microphone of your telephone is turned off. ⷠTo switch to Mute mode : during a call, press button can no longer hear you. [. . . ] This device is designed for use in temperatures of between 5 °C and 35 °C. Used batteries must be disposed of according to the instructions in this manual. On the back of your telephone, click the end of the spiral handset cable into its connector (1) and plug the other end into the handset. Then click the end of the telephone cable into its connector (2) on top of the telephone and plug the other end into the telephone wall socket. The ring tone volume is adjusted using the switch on the underside of the base (Refer to "Installing your telephone on a wall", page 3). Unplug the telephone line from the wall socket before opening the battery compartment cover. Insert the new batteries one at a time, making sure that they are the right way round (refer to "Installing your telephone on a wall", page 3). During a call, a beep transmitted by your telephone company informs you that a second call is on hold. Your first correspondent is switched to hold, and you can talk to the second correspondent. You are already in a double call and you want to switch from one call to the other: Press button R + call. To insert a pause in the number that you want to dial, press button enter the number. If a call in your absence that you have not viewed is repeated, the screen displays "REP". In order to apply the guarantee, you should contact the Sagem Helpdesk or the retailer where you purchased the equipment. Please make sure that you use your equipment only for the purpose for which it was designed and under normal usage conditions. Sagem Communications do not accept any liability for the equipment if used outside the frame of its original designed purpose or any consequence that may arise from this usage. Should any malfunction arise, the Sagem Helpdesk or your retailer will advise you how to proceed. A) General Guarantee conditions SAGEM undertakes to remedy by repair or exchange at its own convenience, free of charge for labour and replacement parts, any defects in the equipment during the guarantee period of 12 (twelve) months or 3 (three) months for accessories, from the date of original invoice of the Equipment, where those defects are a result of faulty workmanship. Unless the customer has concluded with SAGEM a maintenance contract in respect of the equipment which specifically provides for repairs to be carried out at the customer's premises, the repairs will not be carried out on the equipment at the customer premises. The customer must however return the defective equipment at his/her own expense, to the address supplied by the Sagem Helpdesk or by the retailer. In the case that a product needs to be sent in for a repair, it must always be accompanied by a proof of purchase (which is not altered, written on or in any way made illegible) showing that the product is still under guarantee. [. . . ] You are in a call with a party and you want to make a second call: Press button R, then enter the number to be called using the keypad. You will be in communication with your second correspondent when he or she picks up. The first call is placed on hold You can make a 3-way conference call if the second call is made by your telephone (depending on your telephone company and the subscribed option). You are already in a double call and you want to set up a 3-way conference: Press button R + 3 : you can then talk with both the parties at the same time. [. . . ]


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