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[. . . ] Keep these and the engine instructions in a safe place for future use. Com manuals search engine 031992 - Masport European Reel Mower Owner’s Manual - July ‘10 2 Downloaded from www. Com manuals search engine 031992 - Masport European Reel Mower Owner’s Manual - July ‘10 Do not operate this machine before it has been assembled correctly and you have read and understood these instructions. These instructions are intended as a general guide and do not supersede national or local codes in any way. [. . . ] The engine speed dictates the speed the mower is propelled as well as the speed of the cutting reel. ROLLER CLUTCH BAIL The roller clutch lever is behind the upper handle cross bar and is spring loaded to the disengaged position. Move the bail towards the handlebar to engage the drive to the rear roller. RECOIL PULL START HANDLE Refer to the engine owner’s handbook for details. CLEAR THE AREA TO BE MOWN Before commencing mowing, ensure the lawn is free from obstructions, such as stones, etc. Contact with objects of this type may damage the cutting reel and bottom blade. After assembly, service the engine with petrol and oil as instructed in the separate engine manual packed with your machine. Be sure that… • The operator reads and understands this manual, • The daily maintenance checks have been properly carried out and the mower is in good working order. Failure to do so could result in damage and risk to health and safety IDENTIFICATION OF CONTROLS OPC (OPERATOR PRESENCE CONTROL) BAIL Only some models are fitted with this feature. It is used to stop the engine quickly when the operator releases the OPC bail. To start the engine, you must move the bail back and hold it against the handle bar. Roller Clutch Bail OPC Bail Some models only Using your reel mower FRANÇIS ESPAÑOL ITALIANO DEUTSCH STARTING THE ENGINE Ensure the roller clutch bail is in the disengaged position before starting the engine. Turn the ignition switch (if fitted) to the ‘ON’ position. Starting Procedure If the engine has not been running recently move the choke control to the ‘ON’/ position. The choke is on the side of the engine by the carburettor, refer engine owner’s manual. To start the engine on these models, you must move the bail back and hold it against the handle bar, then follow the starting procedures below. If you release the OPC bail the engine will automatically shut off again. Stand to the right of the mower, grasp the starter grip, pull slowly until a resistance is felt and then pull forcefully to prevent kick-back. €When the engine starts and has warmed up for a short time, move the choke to the ‘OFF’ position and throttle control to the desired speed. Should the engine not start due to ‘flooding’, move the Choke control to ‘OFF’ and pull the starter six times to clear the flooding. After allowing the engine a few moments to warm up, mowing may commence by setting the throttle lever so the engine is running sufficiently fast to engage the automatic clutch. Then engage the roller clutch by moving the Roller clutch bail forward to the handlebar. [. . . ] once this adjustment has been established THE REEL SHOULD NOT TOUCH THE BOTTOM BLADE BUT STILL CUT THE PAPER. Provided the reel and baseplate are in good condition this setting will give clean cutting without undue reel-to-baseplate pressures. ENGLISH CUTTING REEL ADJUSTMENTS To obtain clean cutting, it is necessary to maintain the setting of the cutting reel relative to the baseplate. When shipped, the setting is correct, but after a period of use, adjustment will be required. [. . . ]


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