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[. . . ] hazard levels ƽ DANGER ● Pointer to immediate danger , which leads to severe injuries or death. WARNING ● Pointer to a possibly dangerous situation, which can lead to severe injuries or death. CAUTION ● Pointer to a possibly dangerous situation, which can lead to minor injuries. 5 ATTENTION ● Pointer to a possibly dangerous situation, which can lead to property damage. [. . . ] Safe handling ƽ DANGER ● The user must use the appliance as intended. The person must consider the local conditions and must pay attention to other persons in the vicinity when working with the appliance. — Check important components, such as high-pressure hose, hand spray gun and safety installations, for damage prior to every operation. The jet may not be directed at persons, animals, live electrical equipment or at the appliance itself. — The high-pressure jet must not be directed at other persons or the user him-/herself to clean clothing or footwear. — Vehicle tyres/tyre valves are susceptible to damage from the high-pressure jet and may burst. WARNING ● Do not use the appliance when there are other persons around unless they are also wearing protective clothing. — The appliance must not be operated by children or persons who have not been instructed accordingly. — This appliance is not intended for use by persons with limited physical, sensory or mental capacities or lacking experience and/or skills, unless such persons are accompanied and supervised by a person in charge of their safe- ty or they have received precise instructions on the use of this appliance and have understood the resulting risks. — Supervise children to prevent them from playing with the appliance. CAUTION ● Create stability for the appliance prior to any work on or with the appliance to prevent accidents or damage. — The water jet that is emitted from the high-pressure nozzle results in a repulsion power acting on the hand spray gun. Make sure that you have a firm footing and are also holding the hand spray gun and spray lance firmly. ● Never leave the appliance unattended as long as it is in operation. ATTENTION ● In case of extended breaks, switch off the appliance at the appliance switch. Other risks ƽ DANGER ● The appliance may not be operated in explosive atmospheres. — Never use the appliance to clean objects containing hazardous substances (e. Do not use acetone, undiluted acids and solvents, as they corrode the materials used on the appliance. — Keep packaging films away from children, there is a risk of suffocation! WARNING ● According to applicable regulations, the appliance must never be used on the drinking water net without a system separator. [. . . ] Surface cleaner) that significantly reduce the emission of aqueous 7 aerosols can be used for high-pressure cleaning. If the use of a completely shielded nozzle is not possible, a respirator of the category FFP 2 or the like should be used, depending on the environment to be cleaned. — Sluk for damprenseren og træk stikket ud ved alle former for vedligeholdelsesarbejde. — Børn skal være under opsyn for at sørge for, at de ikke leger med maskinen. [. . . ]


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