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[. . . ] 12 Operating Instructions OVEN Contents IT Italiano, 1 GB GB English, 13 FR Français, 25 Installation, 14-15 Positioning Electrical connection Technical data ES Espanol, 37 PT Portuges, 49 Description of the appliance, 16 Overall view Control panel Display Start-up and use, 17 Setting the clock Setting the timer Starting the oven Cooking modes, 18-20 FIM 88 KGP. A IX Cooking modes Programming cooking Practical cooking advice Cooking advice table Precautions and tips, 21 General safety Disposal Respecting and conserving the environment Care and maintenance, 22-23 Switching the appliance off Cleaning the appliance Cleaning the oven door Replacing the light bulb AUTOMATIC CLEANING mode Assistance, 24 Installation !Before operating your new appliance please read this instruction booklet carefully. It contains important information concerning the safe operation, installation and maintenance of the appliance. [. . . ] If you use more than one rack at a time, switch the position of the dishes halfway through the cooking process. Turn the TIMER KNOB towards “+” and “-” to adjust the duration as desired. When the set time has elapsed, the text END appears on the DISPLAY, the oven will stop cooking and a buzzer sounds. A cooking duration must be set before the cooking end time can be scheduled. Turn the TIMER KNOB towards “+” and “-” to adjust the hour value. Turn the TIMER KNOB towards “+” and “-” to adjust the minute value. When the set time has elapsed, the text END appears on the DISPLAY; the oven will stop cooking and a buzzer sounds. The DISPLAY shows the cooking end time and the cooking duration alternately. To cancel programming, turn the SELECTOR knob to the “0” position. This is because excessive direct heat can burn temperature sensitive foods. In the GRILL and GRATIN cooking modes, particularly when using the rotisserie spit, place the dripping pan in position 1 to collect cooking residues (fat and/or grease). MULTILEVEL • Use positions 2 and 4, placing the food which requires more heat on 2. 4 Golden Rolls Freasy cook Chicken bites Pre-cooked food Golden chicken wings 0. 2 Cheese puffs Pizza 0 , 5 2 1 Yes 220 15-20 Pizza Focaccia bread 0 , 5 2 1 Yes 200 20-25 65 No 2 2 or 3 Defrosting 60-90 65 No 2 2 or 3 Proving Keep warm 65 No 2 2 or 3 Dish reheating 65 No 2 2 or 3 Pasteurisation !The cooking times listed above are inten as guidelines only and may be modified according to personal tastes. Oven preheating times are set as ded standard and may not be modified manually. This appliance has been designed and manufactured in compliance with international safety standards. The following warnings are provided for safety reasons and must be read carefully. € The appliance should not be operated by people (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capacities, by inexperienced individuals or by anyone who is not familiar with the product. These individuals should, at the very least, be supervised by someone who assumes responsibility for their safety or receive preliminary instructions relating to the operation of the appliance. GB General safety • The appliance was designed for domestic use inside the home and is not intended for commercial or industrial use. € The appliance must not be installed outdoors, even in covered areas. [. . . ] Keep children away from the appliance during the automatic cleaning cycle as surfaces may become very hot. Particles may ignite inside the oven as a result of the combustion process. There is no cause for concern: this process is both normal and hazardfree. Before activating the AUTOMATIC CLEANING cycle: • Remove large or coarse food residues from the inside of the oven using a damp sponge. [. . . ]


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