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[. . . ] Wear thick gloves when removing, installing or working on the cutting means. ANNUALMENTE O OGNI 100 ORE JAARLIJKS OF ELKE 100 UUR CADA AÑO O CADA 100 HORAS B3 C18 D1 D8 0, 35 l D11 D7 STOP 0, 7 ~ 0, 8 mm 6 INFORMATION INFORMATIONEN INFORMATIE 5 +- 6 INFORMATION INFORMAZIONI INFORMACIÓN 4 2 3 7 1 8 9 11 8 10 1 2 3 4 44710-VL0-L01ZB 98079-55846 31570-VH7-S61 VLEA (1) 28462-ZL8-V71 PARTS ACCESSOIRES ZUBEHÖR ACCESSORI ACCESSOIRES ACCESORIOS (1): Optional part Partie optionnelle Optional Teil Parte facoltativa Optioneel onderdeel Parte opcional 5 6 +- 31500-VH7-S61 VLEA 35111-VL0-W01 VLEA 7 81320-VL0-S50 8 08221-888-061HE 9 42710-VE2-M01ZE 10 72531-VH7-000 72511-VL0-S00 11 17211-Z8B-901 • For your safety, it is strictly prohibited to install any other attachment than the ones listed above and especially designed for your pedestrian-controlled lawnmowers' model and type. 7 SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Failing to comply with these safety instructions may lead to serious bodily injury or damage to the equipment. Please read carefully the safety instructions below before operating the machine. [. . . ] Start the pedestrian-controlled lawnmower on a level surface, free of high grass or obstacles. Do not start the engine when standing in front of the discharge opening. Never pick up or carry a pedestrian-controlled lawnmower while the engine is running. Stop the engine and disconnect the spark plug cap in the following cases: - Before any operation under the cutting-means enclosure or the discharge chute. - Before checking, cleaning, or working on the pedestrian-controlled lawnmower. Inspect the pedestrian-controlled lawnmower for damage and make repairs before restarting and operating the pedestrian-controlled lawnmower again. - If pedestrian-controlled lawnmower starts to vibrate abnormally, check immediately the cause of the vibration and perform the necessary repair. Stop the engine in the following cases: - Whenever you leave the pedestrian-controlled lawnmower unattended. Using any attachments other than those recommended by this manual may cause damage to your pedestrian-controlled lawnmower, and such damage will not be covered by your guarantee. Keep all nuts, bolts and screws tight to be sure the equipment is in safe working condition. Regular maintenance is an essential aid to user's safety and retaining a high level of performance. Never store the equipment with petrol in the tank inside a building when vapours may reach an open flame, spark or high temperature source. To reduce the fire hazard, keep the pedestrian-controlled lawnmower, especially the engine and silencer, the petrol storage area as well, free of grass, leaves, or excessive grease. If the fuel tank has to be drained, this should be done outdoors, with a cold engine. Cutting means must always bear the mark Honda and the reference number. Non equivalent quality parts may damage the machine and be prejudicial to your safety. Wear thick gloves when removing or installing the cutting means, or when cleaning the cutting-means enclosure. When tightening or loosening the cutting-means bolts, use a wooden block to prevent the cutting means from rotating. Always make sure the correct balance of the cutting means when sharpening. It is advisable to use a loading platform or to seek the help of another person when loading or unloading the pedestrian-controlled lawnmower. When the pedestrian-controlled lawnmower is transported, make sure that it is in the horizontal position, close the fuel shutoff valve, disconnect the spark plug and secure the appliance with straps. Check that the engine and the cutting means stop quickly when you release the cutting-means control. [. . . ] Consumable parts: Honda does not warrant parts deterioration due to natural wear and tear. Tøm tanken for drivstoff før du tipper gressklipperen for å reparere kniven eller tappe olje. Før plæneklipperen tippes for vedligeholdelse af knivblad eller aftapning af olie, skal tanken tømmes for brændstof. For at formindske brandfaren skal græsslåmaskinen og især motoren og udstødningsrøret samt brændstofopbevaringsstedet holdes fri for blade, græsaffald og overskydende fedt. [. . . ]


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