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[. . . ] 20 - IT CARATTERISTICHE TECNICHE Potenze dei possibili elementi riscaldanti: (Superiore) 800+1800W (Superiore) 1200W (Inferiore) 1000W Lampada d’illuminazione 25W (max) 21 - IT ENGLISH Before leaving the factory, this appliance was tested and regulated by expert and skilled personnel to give the best operating results. Any repair or regulation that may subsequently be necessary must be carried out with the greatest care and attention. For this reason, we recommend you always contact the Dealer you bought the appliance from or our nearest Service Centre, specifying the type of problem and the model of your appliance. Please remember as well that the original spare parts are available only from our Technical Service Centres. [. . . ] By touching any one of the controls (+, - or SELECT), the symbol MAN appears and it is possible to set the time, pressing the - or + buttons within 5 seconds. Subsequent adjustments of the time can be made by repeatedly touching the SELECT symbol flashes and control until the adjusting the time as described above. SELECT General notes Setting the current time whilst an automatic programme is active will cancel the programme. The loudness of the buzzer can be modified by repeatedly touching the SELECT control until the level set appears (L1, L2 or L3) and pressing + or -. If not deactivated, the buzzer stops automatically after about 7 minutes. If there is a power cut, all the programmed settings are cancelled; when power returns, the display flashes, showing 12:00. To restore the functioning of the appliance, reset the current time and any programme. Timer buzzer To use it as a simple timer, touch the SELECT control repeatedly until the symbol flashes, set the time desired, pressing + or -, after about 5 seconds the symbol stops flashing and the time starts to decrease; to modify the time set or zero it, press + or -. When the time is finished, touch any one of the controls to deactivate the buzzer. 10 - GB INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE Setting the end of cooking To start cooking immediately and set cooking time, proceed as follows: put the dishes to be cooked in the oven and select the function and temperature desired using the functions selector and the thermostat touch the SELECT symbol repeatedly until the flashing symbol appears and set the cooking time within 5 seconds, pressing + or -. After a few seconds, the current time will reappear and the and AUTO symbols will stay on. The remaining cooking time can be checked by pressing the SELECT symbol until the symbol is selected, or modified or zeroed by pressing + or -. When the cooking is finished, the buzzer sounds and the oven is switched off automatically, the display shows 0. To deactivate the buzzer, press any of the controls; touch SELECT to put the programmer back to manual, the MAN symbol stops flashing and the oven can be used again. Setting the start and the end of cooking To programme both the starting time and the end of cooking, proceed as follows: touch the SELECT control until the symbol appears, set the cooking time pressing + or – within 5 seconds; touch the SELECT control again until the symbol is selected to set the end of the cooking. Put the dishes to be cooked into the oven and select the function and the temperature desired through the function selector and the thermostat. The cooking will start from the end of cooking time minus the cooking time. 5 seconds after the release of the controls the current time will reappear and the symbol at the start of cooking. AUTO will stay active as will the When the cooking is finished, the buzzer sounds and the oven is switched off automatically. To deactivate the buzzer, press any one of the controls; touch SELECT to bring the programmer back to manual. Safety lock This electronic programmer has a function that locks the oven or the programmings set. Symbol will Activation: touch the + control for about 5 seconds then the appear. [. . . ] IMPORTANT: for your safety, before dismounting the glass panes, remove the door from the oven. For easier cleaning, after having removed the door from the oven, the glass panes can be dismounted. After cleaning, remount the glass panes by replacing the blocks and checking that all the parts are correctly fixed. OK C 17 - GB D CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE All the glass used in this appliance has undergone a special safety treatment. [. . . ]


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