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[. . . ] ς CL 85 M / CM 85 M / CR 86 M _/F / SM 86 M _/F / SMP 86 M_/F EN TABLE OF CONTENTS About this manual Intended use Safety Information Proper installation and placement Proper use Maintenance and cleaning Repair Taking out of service 3 4 4 5 6 6 6 6 Operation Electrical connection Cooking programms Analog cooking programmer Digital cooking programmer Switching on the first time Suggestions 9 9 10 11 12 13 13 Cooking table Cleaning and maintenance Technical data Support Disposal Dishes tested How to read the cooking table 14 15 18 18 19 19 19 Information for energy saving Overview Installation Models CL, CR, SM, SMP Models CM 7 7 8 8 8 ABOUT THIS MANUAL This user manual applies to several models of the device. Thus it may be possible that some of the described features and functions are not available on your specific model. The explanatory images and figures, described in the various sections, are available at the end of the manual. XX Carefully read the user manual before using XX Keep the user manual. [. . . ] XX Press this knob briefly to check already programmed settings (Query), or press it for about 2 seconds to cancel settings (Reset). Left knob (right knob for CL) XX Turn the left knob (right knob for CL) to set LEDs 9 Blinking: ready for setting or signalling end of function (together with the ringer). End of cooking with delayed start XX Delayed start of cooking can only the hands of the time clock for the function activated (LED blinking). Timer XX set the timer, press the knob on the right To once (the corresponding LED begins to blink); then turn the left knob (right knob for CL) to move the hands in order to set the duration of cooking time. XX Press the right knob again to confirm the setting; the corresponding LED changes from blinking to steady. „„The hands will then return to their original position to indicate the current time: when the set time is reached, the ringer sounds. Be activated following the end of a cooking process; when set, pressing the right knob confirms the „stop“, and activates the blinking LED for the symbol . XX Turn the left knob (right knob for CL) to also set the start of cooking time (naturally this will be before the end, therefore the hands can only be moved back). XX data can also be automatically acquired The by allowing the blinking to continue for 10 seconds. „„The LEDs for symbols and will remain lit and the oven will switch on at the set time, when only the LED for the symbol will remain lit. „„At the end of cooking, the ringer will sound for 1 minute; this sound can be stopped by pressing the right knob. Setting the time of day XX set the correct time, just press the knob To three times (the LED for the clock symbol starts blinking), then turn the left knob (right knob for CL). – 11 – EN CL 85 M / CM 85 M / CR 86 M _/F / SM 86 M _/F / SMP 86 M_/F Digital cooking programmer (Fig. 1c, 1d, 1e) Starting delayed cooking with set duration XX When the time of the day is displayed, It enables oven programming in the following modes: – delayed start of cooking with set duration, – immediate start of cooking with set duration; – timer. Setting the digital clock When the appliance has been connected to the mains or after a power failure the display will flash on: „0. The time of day can be adjusted with the + and - buttons, while the dot between the hours and minutes flashes. Possible time adjustments can be made by repeating the steps described above. „„During duration or end time adjustment mode selection, the Auto symbol remains lit. „Once a programme duration is set , the end time cannot be decreased. „„Likewise, the duration of a programme cannot be prolonged once the end time is set. „„ The end time and duration settings define programme start time as follows: start time = end time - duration. „„ After setting the duration and end time, the display still shows the end time. [. . . ] € 18 – CL 85 M / CM 85 M / CR 86 M _/F / SM 86 M _/F / SMP 86 M_/F EN DISPOSAL Information for users The symbol on the product or on the packaging indicates that the device must not be disposed of in the domestic waste. By disposing of the device in a proper way you help to avoid harmful consequences to environment and health. Further information about recycling the device is available from the competent authority, the local refuse disposal service or the vendor of the device. Dispose of the device, which is to be discarded, via a specialised waste collection point for electronic and electrical devices. [. . . ]


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