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[. . . ] Installation 36 Dear Installer Safety Requirements and Regulations Provision of Ventilation Location of Cooker Positioning the Cooker Moving the Cooker Lowering the Two Rear Rollers Completing the Move Fitting the Stability Bracket 36 36 36 36 37 37 38 38 38 Cleaning 8 2. The Multifunction Oven 17 Operating the Multifunction Oven Cooking Tips Cooking Table 17 22 23 Accessories 19 9. The Steam Cavity 24 Operating the Steam Cavity Steam Cavity Functions Program Modes The Clock / Timer 25 26 26 27 11. Your cooker should give you many years of trouble-free cooking if installed and operated correctly. [. . . ] Poultry Chicken 160 (C) 200 (C) 160 (C) Turkey 200 (C) 160 (C) Duck Casserole 200 (C) 140-150 (C) 220 (C) 140 (C/B) 150 (C/B) 150 (C/B) 160 (C/B) 190 (C/B) 220 (C/B) Yorkshire Pudding Cake Very rich fruit - Christmas, wedding, etc. Using the conventional oven: when two tier cooking leave at least one runner space between shelves. Position the baking tray with the front edge along the front of the oven shelf. Up to three tiers can be cooked in a fan oven at the same time but make sure to leave at least one runner space between each shelf being cooked on. Desserts Shortcrust tarts Fruit pies Tartlets Puff pastry Meringues Baked egg custard Baked sponge pudding Milk pudding Up to three tiers can be cooked in a fan oven at the same time but make sure to leave at least one runner space between each shelf being cooked on. Water Level 5 6 7 8 To fill the water tank or check the water level lift and pull the water tank from the oven cavity (Fig. Lift the lid and carefully fill from the tap or a small jug up to the maximum marker (Fig. The clock, on the left hand oven, must be set to the time of day before the oven will work. See the section on ‘The Clock / Timer’ for instructions on setting the time of day. References to ‘left-hand’ and ‘right-hand’ ovens apply as viewed from the front of the appliance. Display Lock  To lock the display touch and hold the [ + ] and [ - ] buttons simultaneously. To unlock the display touch and hold the [ + ] and [ - ] buttons again. Hygiene n Please remember to: • Change the water in the tank before use. 24 Operating the Steam Cavity Note: The steam cavity may start a pump out cycle (Fig. The display will show the maximum tempertaure; 100 ºC, a 15 minute cook time and the steam icon will flash (Fig. To adjust the temperature, touch and hold the temperature button (Fig. To adjust the cook period, tap the timer button once, to adjust the hours use the [ + ] or [ - ] buttons (Fig. The appliance will begin to pump water, from the water tank, into the boiler (Fig. You can check the current temperature in the oven cavity by tapping the temperature button (Fig. When the oven has reached the pre-set temperature, the cook cycle will begin and the decimal points in the timer will flash. Also, the cavity light will turn on and the cooker fan will run for 2 minutes. 11), this indicates the water in the boiler is hot and will be pumped back into the water tank once it has reached a pre-set temperature. [. . . ] Top Element Open the left-hand oven door and undo the fixings that secure the heat shield. Remove the plinth (4 screws) and the central vertical cover (5 screws). Remove the 2 countersunk screws (1 each side) securing the grill hinge arms to the front of the grill chamber. Reassemble in reverse order, making sure that the gasket is fitted between the hinge arm and the front of the grill chamber. [. . . ]


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