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[. . . ] Installation Service and Spares Dear Installer Provision of Ventilation Location of Cooker Positioning the Cooker Moving the Cooker Completing the Move Levelling the Cooker Fitting the Stability Bracket and Chain Gas Connection Pressure Testing Electrical Connection Final Checks Fitting the Plinth Customer Care 19 21 21 22 22 22 24 24 25 25 25 26 26 27 28 28 28 Important!Cooking Tips Cooking with a Multifunction Oven Tips on Cooking with the Timer General Oven Tips 13 13 13 13 Injectors 29 4. Your cooker should give you many years of trouble-free cooking if installed and operated correctly. It is important that you read this section before you start, particularly if you have not used a dual fuel cooker before. [. . . ] Refit in reverse, making sure that the bottom of the shelf supports are inserted into the holes at the bottom of the oven (Fig. 9 Removing the Right-hand Oven Cover Plate and Reflector Tray Isolate the electricity supply before carrying out any thorough cleaning. Once the side supports have been removed (see above) the cover plate at the bottom of the oven can be taken out by unscrewing the 2 fixing screws at the back of the oven (Fig. Lift the cover plate out using the lip at the back, and carefully lift up and pull forward. To remove the reflector tray from underneath the element, gently raise the element and remove the tray from between the element and the oven front. When replacing the reflector tray, it is important to push the tray fully back into position (Fig. To do this, gently lift the element and slide the tray to the back of the oven. To replace the cover plate, tilt it up at the back to allow it to go under the front lip of the oven, making sure that the fixing holes are aligned at the rear of the cooker. For enamelled surfaces use a cleaner that is approved for use on vitreous enamel. hotplate Part Finish Recommended Cleaning Method Hot soapy water , soft cloth. Hob top (including burner heads and Enamel, stainless steel, caps) aluminium Griddle plate Non-stick surface Outside of Cooker Part Door, door surround & storage drawer exterior Sides & plinth Rear grille Control panel Control knobs/handles & trims Oven door glass Finish Enamel or paint Stainless steel Painted surface Enamel or stainless steel Paint, enamel or stainless steel Plastic/chrome, copper or lacquered brass Brass Toughened glass Recommended Cleaning Method Hot soapy water, soft cloth. Oven Part Finish Recommended Cleaning Method Any proprietary oven cleaner that is suitable for enamel. cAUTION: CORROSIVE/CAUSTIC OVEN CLEANERS: FOLLOW MANUFACTURER’S INSTRUCTIONS. Sides, floor & roof of oven Enamel Do not allow contact with the oven elements. Use the minimum amount of liquid when cleaning the right-hand oven as you risk spilling it into the cover plate at the base of the oven. Oven shelves & trivet Grill pan/meat tin Chrome Enamel An oven interior cleaner that is suitable for chrome. Hotplate burners will not light Make sure that the burner parts have been replaced correctly after wiping or removing for cleaning. You can do this by making sure that other gas appliances you may have are working. If not, verify that the power is on by checking that the clock is illuminated. Steam is coming from the oven When cooking foods with high water content (e. Take care when opening the oven door, as there may be a momentary puff of steam when the oven door is opened. See the ‘Cleaning’ section for recommended cleaning materials. [. . . ] Follow the same procedure described above (‘To Replace an Oven Thermostat’ - ‘Right-hand oven’), except the control is mounted on the cooker back, not the control panel. Com manuals search engine WARNING – SERVICING TO BE CARRIED OUT ONLY BY AN AUTHORISED PERSON Disconnect from electricity before servicing. 1 To Replace an Oven Door Open the oven door fully and place the supplied holding pins in the drop down hinges (Fig. Carefully fit the new door panel and push down gently to release the holding pins. [. . . ]


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