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[. . . ] Pull the small sprigs off the rosemary branches and set aside with the garlic.  sing the tip of a paring knife, make up to 20 well-spaced U cuts into the flesh of the lamb, about 2. Divide the rosemary sprigs, garlic and anchovies and push down into the cuts. Place the leg on a large roasting tin and pour over the oil, massaging it all over the joint. [. . . ] 302-0004 Minute minder setting 2 To Stop the Oven Automatically Press and hold the Stop Time [] button (Fig. 2-35) and then press the [+] button (or [–] button) until the required ‘stop time’ shows (Fig. To stop the beep turn the oven control knob to 0 first and then press [] once; press [] again to return to manual cooking. 302-0005a 6BC Stopping the oven 1a To Start and Stop the Oven Automatically Before you set the clock you must have two numbers clearly in mind – the ‘cook period’ and the ‘stop time’. 2-38 Note: You cannot set a start time directly – this is set automatically by setting the ‘cook period’ and the ‘stop time’. 2-37) and then press the [+] button (or [–] button) until the required ‘cook period’ shows (Fig. 2-39) and then press the [+] button (or [–] button) until the required ‘stop time’ shows (Fig. Turn the oven knob to the OFF position first, and then press the [] button once to stop the beep; press it again to return to manual cooking. If you are out, do not worry about the beeper going off, it stops after a while. When you return, turn the oven knob to 0 first, and then press [] twice to return to manual cooking. Com manuals search engine AUTO is Showing but You Want to Reset to Manual Cooking To return to manual cooking from any automatic setting, the ‘cook period’ must be cancelled. Press and hold the [] button and then press the [­ ] button until the display reads – ( 0. 302-0009 - Activating the key lock 2 Key Lock Activating the key lock will lock the left-hand oven and it will not come on. To Activate the Key Lock Make sure that the clock is in manual mode and cancel any active programs. The key symbol [] and ‘OF’ will now show on the display (Fig. The left-hand oven is now locked, as confirmed by the display showing the time of day alongside the key symbol (Fig. To Turn Off the Key Lock Hold the Minute Minder [] and Cook period [] buttons. The key symbol [] will go out and ‘On’ will show on the display (Fig. 2-46 Accessories Shelf guard Flat shelf Oven Shelves – Left-hand (Main) Oven In addition to the flat shelf your cooker is supplied with a drop shelf (Fig. Please note: The Hi-LITE does not have a drop shelf, but is supplied with two flat cooking shelves. Pull the shelf forward until the back of the shelf is stopped by the shelf stop bumps in the oven sides (Fig. Front Drop shelf Shelf guard Front Lift up the front of the shelf so the back of the shelf will pass under the shelf stop and then pull the shelf forward (Fig. [. . . ] Oven Check Set the clock as described earlier, and then turn on the oven. Com manuals search engine INSTALLATION Check the appliance is electrically safe when you have finished. 215-0026 - Handle gaskets fixed Deluxe) Remove the 4 mm Allen screws from the doors (Fig. Remove the 4 mm Allen screws from the top corners of the fascia (Fig. [. . . ]


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