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[. . . ] Pull the small sprigs off the rosemary branches and set aside with the garlic.  sing the tip of a paring knife, make up to 20 well-spaced U cuts into the flesh of the lamb, about 2. Divide the rosemary sprigs, garlic and anchovies and push down into the cuts. Place the leg on a large roasting tin and pour over the oil, massaging it all over the joint. [. . . ] If you look at the bottom of the burner head you will see two ‘pips’ – these fit into the two notches in the burner base (Fig. If a blockage occurs, remove stubborn particles using a piece of fuse wire. 12 Stainless Steel Hotplate Lift away pots or pans from the hotplate. Remove pan supports from the spillage area and carefully place in a sink of warm soapy water. 5-4 Glide-out Grill Before you remove grill parts  sure that theyany of theor use ovenfor cleaning, make are cool, gloves. After grilling meats or any foods that soil, leave to soak for a few minutes in the sink immediately after use. Stubborn particles may be removed from the grid by using a nylon brush. 5-5 Removing and Refitting the Grill Pan and Support Frame Pull the grill pan forwards (Fig. The support frame is held to the side rails by two clips on each side (Fig. For each side, support the side rail with one hand and with the other hand lift the frame up and out of the side clips (Fig. If you need to remove the side rails to allow cleaning of the grill chamber, you can unhook them from the grill chamber sides (Fig. Once you have finished, hook the side rails back onto the sides of the chamber. To refit the frame, pull the side rails forwards and for each side in turn, support the side rail while pressing the frame down into the side clips. 5-8 Control Panel and Oven Doors Avoid using any abrasive cleaners including cream cleaners. The control panel and control knobs should only be cleaned with a soft cloth wrung out in clean hot soapy water – but take care that no surplus water seeps into the appliance. The oven doors should only be cleaned with a soft cloth wrung out in clean hot soapy water. 5-9 2 3 ‘Cook & Clean’ Panels The ovens have side ‘Cook & Clean’ panels which have been coated with a special enamel that partly cleans itself. This does not stop all marks on the lining, but helps to reduce the amount of manual cleaning needed. If you do most of your cooking below this temperature, occasionally remove the panels and wipe with a lint free cloth and hot soapy water. The panels should then be dried and replaced and the oven heated at 200 °C for about one hour. Any other materials that will scratch DO nn NOT use oven cleaning pads. 5-10 The Oven Shelf Supports The shelf supports on the oven sides can be removed for cleaning. [. . . ] (In the Republic of Ireland conditions may vary, so consult your retailer. Has not been subject to misuse, accidental damage or modification, and has not deteriorated due to normal domestic wear and tear, and the manufacturer's recommendations concerning cleaning materials have been followed. Has not been repaired by persons or organisations other than those authorised to act on behalf of AGA Rangemaster. Items not included under the free 3 year guarantee include pan supports, griddles, wok rings, baking trays, grill pans, trivets, filters, light bulbs and other consumable accessories. [. . . ]


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