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[. . . ] bestimmte Zubehörteile nicht enthält. Verwenden Sie zur Gewährleistung optimaler Ergebnisse stets Electrolux-Originalzubehörteile. Zubehör und Sicherheitsvorkehrungen Vorbereitungen Bestmögliche Resultate erzielen Austausch des Staubbeutels s-bag® Austauschen des Motorfilters und Abluftfilters Reinigung des Schlauches und der Düsen Fehlersuche undVerbraucherinformationen 7 9 11 13 13 15 17 Italiano Grazie per aver scelto un aspirapolvere Electrolux Ultra Silencer. Queste Istruzioni per l'uso sono valide per tutti i modelli Ultra Silencer. [. . . ] Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance. Please remove the plug from the socket outlet before cleaning or maintaining the appliance. 4a 4b 5 6 7 Never vacuum: · · · · · · In wet areas. On fine dust, for instance from plaster, concrete, flour, hot or cold ashes. 8 9 Electrical cable precautions: · Adamagedcableshouldonlybereplacedbyanauthorised Electrolux service centre. · Disconnecttheplugfromthemainsbeforecleaningor maintenance of the vacuum cleaner. · Regularlycheckthatthecableisnotdamaged. Neveruse the vacuum cleaner if the cable is damaged. All servicing and repairs must be carried out by an authorised Electrolux service centre. Be sure to keep the vacuum cleaner in a dry place. 10 11 *Certain models only 6 2193042-03. indd 6 4/23/08 8:36:59 AM B A A B English BEFORE STARTING 1a Ensurethatthemachine'scarryinghandleisfolded down. Thenopenthefrontcoveronthemachineand check that the dust bag, s-bag®, and the motor filter are inplace. Then open the back lid on the machine and check that theexhaustfilterisinplace. Insert the hose until the catches click to engage (press thecatchestoreleasethehose). Attach the extension tubes or telescopic tube (certain models only) to the hose handle and hard floor nozzle bypushingandtwistingtogether. (Twistandpullapart todismantle. ) C D 1b 1a 1b 2 2 3 4 Insert the hose into the hose handle until the catches click to engage (press the catches to release the hose). 3 4 5 6a 6b 7 8 Extendtheelectriccableandconnectittothemains. 6a Press the foot pedal to rewind the cable (take hold of theplugtopreventitstrikingyou). 6b Press the small button on the pedal to activate Autoreverse(oncertainmodelsonly). Thelengthofthecable willnowbecontinuallyadjustedtorequirements. Press thewholepedaltode-activateAutoreverse. Thecable isnowfixed, asonanormalcablewinder. 8 Adjustsuctionpowerusingthesuctioncontrolonthe vacuum cleaner or the suction control on the hose handle. 9 A practical parking position (and at the same time a backsavingfeature)whenyoupauseduringcleaning. 10 A parking position which makes it easy to carry and storethevacuumcleaner. 11a Whenyouwanttocarrythevacuumcleaner, liftthe carryinghandleuntilitclicksintoplace. [. . . ] The vacuum cleaner stops 1C heckwhetherthedustbag, s-bag®isfull. Ifso, replaceit withanewone. Water has entered the vacuum cleaner It will be necessary to replace the motor at an authorised Electroluxservicecentre. Damage to the motor caused by the penetration of water is notcoveredbythewarranty. Consumer information Electrolux decline all responsibility for all damages arising from any improper use of the appliance or in cases of tamperingwiththeappliance. [. . . ]


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