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[. . . ] Rapido Wet & Dry is a rechargeable handheld vacuum cleaner intended for use of light wet and dry household debris. In order to ensure the best results, always use original Electrolux accessories. [. . . ] An indicator light (12a) will come on once Rapido Wet & Dry makes contact with the charging station. It takes 16-20 hours to fully charge the batteries before the first use. When Rapido Wet & Dry is totally discharged, approximately 16 hours charging is required to regain full capacity. In order to ensure that it is always ready for use, Rapido Wet & Dry should be left on charge when not being used. Underneath the charging station there is a hollow space where redundant cable can be wound (13a). Detach the wall unit by unscrewing the screw underneath the floor unit (13c). Always ensure that the wall can bear the weight of the Rapido Wet & Dry. Remove your vacuum cleaner from the charging station by lifting it straight upwards. When in use, always hold the vacuum cleaner with the suction opening downwards. Rapido Wet & Dry's dust container must be emptied when it's reaching the mark indicating "max", and the liquid collector must be emptied after each time used for liquids. Every now and then the dust container, liquid collector and the filter need to be cleaned to maintain a high suction power. Release the whole dust container by pushing the release button (18a), remove the filter and empty the contents into a wastepaper basket or sink (18b). Return the liquid collector and the filter and press back the dust container until it clicks into place. The dust container and the filter can be shaken clean or cleaned and rinsed using luke warm water (20b). [. . . ] We declare that this battery operated vacuum cleaner, intended for domestic use, conforms to the EMC Directive 89/336/EEC, Low Voltage Directive 73/23/EEC with amendment 90/683/EEC and the CE marking Directive 93/68/EEC. All conformity testing has been done by an independent third party testing body. [. . . ]


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