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[. . . ] Per ottenere sempre i migliori risultati, utilizzare esclusivamente accessori originali Elecrolux, pensati in modo specifico per questo aspirapolvere. Accessori e norme di sicurezza Prima di cominciare Per ottenere i migliori risultati Sostituzione del sacchetto raccoglipolvere s-bag® Sostituzione del filtro del motore e del microfiltro antiallergico Pulizia di flessibile e bocchetta Ricerca dei guasti e informazioni per l'utente 18 20 22 24 24 26 28 Dansk Tak, fordi De har valgt en Electrolux Ultra Silencer-støvsuger. Denne brugervejledning gælder for alle modeller af Ultra Silencer. Det betyder, at noget tilbehør eventuelt ikke er inkluderet i den model, De har valgt. [. . . ] Afin d'obtenir des performances optimales, toujours utiliser des accessoires originaux Electrolux. Il ont été spécialement conçus pour votre aspirateur. Accessoires et précautions de sécurité Avant de commencer Comment obtenir les meilleurs résultats Remplacer le sac à poussière s-bag® Remplacer le filtre moteur et le filtre de ventilation Nettoyer le flexible et les brosses Gestion des pannes et informations consommateur 7 9 11 13 13 15 17 Português Obrigado por escolher um aspirador Electrolux Ultra Silencer. Estas Instruções de Funcionamento cobrem todos os modelos Ultra Silencer. Isto significa que o seu modelo em particular pode não incluir alguns dos acessórios. Para obter os melhores resultados, utilize sempre acessórios Electrolux originais. Acessórios e precauções de segurança Antes de começar Obter os melhores resultados Substituição do saco de pó, s-bag® Substituição do filtro do motor e do filtro de escape Limpeza da mangueira e do bocal Resolução de problemas e informação ao consumidor 19 21 23 25 25 27 29 Svenska Tack för att du valt en Electrolux Ultra Silencer dammsugare. Den här manualen gäller för alla modeller av Ultra Silencer, vilket innebär att vissa tillbehör som beskrivs kanske inte ingår i just din modell. Tillbehör och säkerhet Innan du börjar För bästa städresultat Byte av dammpåse s-bag® Byte av motor- och utblåsfilter Rengöring av slang och munstycke Felsökning och konsumentinformation 30 32 34 36 36 38 40 3 2193042-03. indd 3 12/6/07 4:34:48 PM English 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 ACCESSORIES AND SAFETY PRECAUTIONS Accessories Telescopic tube* Extension tube (2)* Hosehandle + hose Carpet/hard floor nozzle Crevice nozzle Combination nozzle/ brush Dust bag, s-bag® Power nozzle* 9 Turbo nozzle* 10 Parquet nozzle* 11 Easy clean* 1 2 3 Safety precautions Ultra Silencer should only be used by adults and only for normal vacuuming in a domestic environment. The vacuum cleaner features double insulation and does not need to be earthed. Never vacuum: If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, its service agent or similarly qualified person in order to avoid a hazard. This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety. 12 The power nozzle starts operating when the vacuum cleanerisswitchedon. Using the turbo nozzle (certain models only) 13 Attachthenozzletothetube. Note: Do not use the power or turbo nozzle on skin rugs, rugs with long fringes or a pile depth exceeding 15 mm. To avoid damaging the carpet, do not keep the nozzle stationary whilst the brush is rotating. Do not pass the nozzle across electric cables, and be sure to switch off the vacuum cleaner immediately after use. 9 10 11 12 13 10 2193042-03. indd 10 12/6/07 4:34:53 PM English A B REPLACING THE DUST BAG, S-bag® 1 The dust bag, s-bag® must be replaced latest when theindicatorwindowiscompletelyred. Readwiththe nozzleliftedup. Folddownthecarryinghandle. Pressthecatcheson thehose, removethehoseandopenthecover. Pull the cardboard to remove the s-bag® from the insert. Thisautomaticallysealsthes-bag®andprevents dustleakingout. Insert a new s-bag® by pushing the cardboard right intotheendofthegrooveintheinsert. Attach the insert by placing it on the back pegs in the bagcompartment. Thenfolddowntheinsertandclose thecover. 2 1 2 3 3 4 5a 5b 4 5a 5b Note. Replace the s-bag® even if it is not full (it could be obstructed). Be sure to use only an original Electrolux dust bags, s-bag® Classic or s-bag® Clinic. Replacement of the motor filter (Ref. EF54) should be done with every 5th replacement of the dust bag, s-bag® 6 7 8 Folddownthecarryinghandle. Pressthecatches, removethehoseandopenthefrontcover. [. . . ] Replace the insert holding the s-bag® and then close thecover. 6 7 8 9 10 11 Replacement of the exhaust filter should be done with every 5th replacement of the dust bag, s-bag® 9 10 11 Therearethreetypesofexhaustfilter: · Microfilter*(Ref. No. EF17) · HepaH12*nonwashable(Ref. No. EFH12) · HepaH12*washable(Ref. No. EFH12W) The filters must always be replaced with new ones and cannot be washed (except the Hepa H12* washable) 12 Foldupthecarryinghandleuntilitclicksintoplace. 13 Place your thumbs on the back edge of the lid and then open the lid by pulling the handle backwards and upwardswithyourindex/middlefinger. 14 Liftoutthefilter. Insertanewfilterandreplacethelid asshown. 12 13 14 *Certain models only 12 2193042-03. indd 12 12/6/07 4:34:55 PM English CLEANING THE HOSE AND NOZZLE The vacuum cleaner stops automatically if the nozzle, tube, hoseorfiltersands-bag®becomesblocked. Insuchcases, disconnectfrommainsandallowtocoolfor20-30minutes. Clearblockageand/orreplacefiltersands-bag®andrestart. Tubes and hoses 1 2 3 1Useacleaningstriporsimilartoclearthetubesandhose. [. . . ]


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