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[. . . ] Store the vacuum cleaner in a dry space. 9 6 10 1180066-21. indd 6 2/4/08 4:47:32 PM English Before starting 11 12 11 Insert the hose so that the catches click to engage (pressthecatchestoreleasethehose). 12 Attach the telescopic tube to the hose handle and the floornozzle(certainmodelshavealockbuttonthat must be pressed before the hose and telescopic tube can be pulled apart). If you have a vacuum cleaner with remote control, make sure that the connector is pressed in completely. 13 Electrolux Twinclean features an automatic cord winder(autoreverse). Pulloutthepowercordand plug into a socket. [. . . ] Do not pass the nozzle over electrical cords, and be sure to switch off the vacuum cleaner immediately after use. 9 10 17 18 10 1180066-21. indd 10 2/4/08 4:47:34 PM English Parking position 19 Whenyoupauseduringcleaning, thetubecanbe attached to the rear of the vacuum cleaner. 20 Whenstoring, thevacuumcleanercanbeplaced on end and the tube attached at the bottom of the vacuum cleaner. How to use the telescopic tube 21 Extend or shorten the telescopic tube by pushing the release button towards the nozzle and simultaneously adjusting the length of the telescopic tube. 19 20 21 Emptying the dust container Electrolux Twinclean's dust container must be emptied when it is full to the Max sign. Put the dust container back and press the rear part of the container until it clicks into place. Cleaning the dust filter 22 23 24 Electrolux Twinclean has a dust filter that should be cleaned now and then to secure a constant high suction. Whenitistimetocleanthefilter, thefilterlightonthe vacuum cleaner will flash. 27 Lift up the filter holder and turn it a half turn so that the filters change places with each other and put the filters back into the vacuum cleaner. The filter light begins to flash and the vacuum cleaner starts, and as you turn, the filter is cleaned. After you have made a full turn, the vacuum cleaner turns off and the filter light stops flashing. About once each year, when the filter light begins to flash more frequently, the filters need to be washed. B Removeonefilteratatimefromthefiltercontainer (29)bypressingthemarkedreleasebuttonand turning the filter. D Thread the filters back into the filter holder. 25 26 27 28 29 12 1180066-21. indd 12 2/4/08 4:47:37 PM English Cleaning the exhaust filter There are two types of Electrolux Twinclean exhaust filters: · Standardfilter. Mustbecleanedevery5­7years. · HEPAfilter(thickerwithcreasedfibrematerial). Mustbe cleaned every 2­3 years. 30 Removethedustcontainerbypressingtherelease button at the back of the vacuum cleaner and lifting the container. 31 Lift the two snap catches at the back edge of the vacuum cleaner and open the filter cover. Note: Do not use cleaning agents and avoid touching the filter surface. Put the filter back into place, close the filter cover and refit the dust container. 30 31 Clearing the hose and nozzle The vacuum cleaner automatically stops if there is a blockage in the nozzle, tubes or hose or if the filter or filter holder becomes blocked. Pull out the power plug and allow the vacuum cleaner to cool down for 20­30 minutes. Removetheblockagethatiscausingtheproblem, and/or replacethedirtyfilter. Restartthevacuumcleaner. [. . . ] Cleaning the turbo nozzle (Certain models only) 46 Disconnect the nozzle from the vacuum cleaner tube and remove entangled threads, etc. Use the hose handle to clean the nozzle. 39 40 41 42 43 44 Cleaning the dust container The dust container can be thoroughly cleaned when emptying. If you use water, make sure that the cartridge is dry before you putitback. Refitthecoverbackonbypushingitstraight in. 45 46 47 48 16 49 1180066-21. indd 16 2/4/08 4:47:41 PM English Troubleshooting The vacuum cleaner does not start · Checkthatthecableisconnectedtothemains. [. . . ]


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