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[. . . ] Trilobite ­ a class of arthropods that lived on earth about 250-560 million years ago. Many received nourishment by vacuuming the ocean beds for small animals and particles. Their backs were hard, and they are perhaps the most well known fossils we know today, and can often be observed embedded in stone in walls, staircases and floors. This ancient creature has served as a source of inspiration for the futuristic design of Trilobite. Trilobiitti ­ niveljalkaisiin kuuluva eläinlaji, joka eli maapallolla noin 250 - 560 miljoonaa vuotta sitten. [. . . ] If you fail to do so the Trilobite can pass over the edge and cause injuries and damage to property. A self-adhesive magnetic strip that has once been removed has poorer adhesive capability. We therefore strongly recommend that you attach the necessary strips once and for all. Never re-use the adhesive of a magnetic strip in any important application where safety is an important parameter. If you nonetheless choose to let the strip lie unfastened on the floor, make sure that the side with the adhesive (with the protective paper backing) faces downwards!Please note that the magnetic strip is not a safety device unless it is fastened to the floor. Rooms with a staircase Trilobite can detect a staircase provided that the step height is 10 cm or greater. In rooms with landings or split levels Trilobite cannot detect level differences of less than 10 cm. If the room contains a landing of less than 10 cm in height, and that is also followed by a staircase, this landing must be blocked using a magnetic strip to make Trilobite stop before the landing. See pictures 1 and 5. Rooms with wall openings Trilobite is able to vacuum rooms with wall openings or walls placed at odd angles. It is a good idea to vacuum one room at a time and separate the rooms by using the magnetic strip as shown in picture 2. Rooms with doorsteps Always fit magnetic strip on the floor in front of the doorsteps in the room you will be vacuuming. Magnetic strips and carpets If the carpet has a pile depth of less 15 mm the magnetic strip can be placed under it with maintained functionality. If the strip is fitted on top of the carpet, be sure it is securely attached. Before starting Trilobite, be sure to put away small, loose objects that might otherwise be vacuumed by Trilobite. Also make sure there are no cords or other objects on the floor that may prevent Trilobite from moving freely in the room. English 9 Buttons and Display Dust collector full Charger Found indicator Battery indicator Day and time Remaining time Clock Stop Next On/Off Yes Current vacuum program Message display On/Off Press the button for about one second to start and stop Trilobite. Stop button has two functions. Yes Press the button to confirm a setting shown on the display. Symbols Information is shown in the display using status messages and also by symbols. (The battery capacity symbol is shown on page 8. ) Next Use the button to select items on the menu. Also use the button as a "No" button when you do not want to select a setting presented in the display. Normal Vacuuming Quick Vacuuming Spot Vacuuming Timer Battery Charger found Dust collector full Clocksymbol 10 English Vacuuming Programs Normal. Timer: 10min Spot Select program? Select program? Select program? Normal vacuuming When you start Trilobite it is ready to start vacuuming using the Normal program and automatic time calculation. 1. When Trilobite is switched off or placed in the charger, press to start. Changing the time setting This may be necessary when vacuuming floor surfaces of 40 m2. [. . . ] However, if Trilobite is used regularly, the total amount of dust in the room is reduced. This reduces the need for manual vacuuming. Why can't Trilobite find its way back to the charging station? 1. Are there obstacles along the wall preventing Trilobite from finding its way to the charging station?If possible, move the obstacle to make it easier for Trilobite to find the charging station. Why didn't Trilobite clean at the set time? 1. [. . . ]


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