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[. . . ] Trilobiitit elivät "imuroimalla" pieniä eläimiä ja hiukkasia valtamerien pohjasta. Niiden selässä oli kova panssari, ja trilobiittien fossiilit ovat ehkä tunnetuin fossiilimuoto, joka nykyään tunnetaan. Trilobiittien fossiileja löytyy kallioseinämistä sekä kivistä. Tämä esihistoriallinen eläin on vaikuttanut inspiroivasti Trilobite-imurin futuristiseen muotoiluun. ­ , 250­560 . [. . . ] insects or spiders. Tip: Empty the dust collector in a plastic bag, while ensuring the bag fits tightly around the unit. Storing Make sure small children cannot start Trilobite by accident. English 7 Preparations Before Use Recharging Push the Trilobite unit with its rear against the battery charger's contact plate. Keep it pressed in until you hear an acknowledging signal (this may take a few seconds). This is particularly important if the batteries are almost entirely dead. When the batteries are exhausted: Push Trilobite against the charger and hold it there for about a minute. a rug or carpet, or if you have a protruding skirting board preventing you from placing the battery charger right against the wall, use the adjustment screw on the back of the battery charger. The battery charger should be placed along a wall with a free margin of 0. 2 metres to the right of the charger. Battery indicator A B C Charging status Normal. Timer: Auto Start cleaning? The battery indicator on Trilobite's display shows the battery capacity during vacuuming and charging. An audible signal sounds and the battery symbol in the display show when charging commences. Trilobite becomes fully charged in about two hours at which time "Ready" shows in the display. You may well develop a personal affection to Trilobite and appreciate its intelligence. For your own safety Before vacuuming, read "For Your Own Safety" on page 6­7! Affixing the magnetic strip Clean the surface with the enclosed cleaning pad. Do not place the magnetic strip at an angle of less than 90°. Always attach the magnetic strip on top of the level difference (Figure 5) and never along its side (as shown in Figure 6 and 7). Room with wall openings 5. 6. Pull off the protective backing. Room with doorsteps 4. Changing the time setting This may be necessary when vacuuming floor surfaces of 40 m2. Press twice until "Select timer?" is shown, confirm by pressing . (When "On" is chosen, use to set desired time, confirm by pressing . Press to commence vacuuming. Quick vacuuming The Quick program is identical with Normal vacuuming except that edge cleaning is not included. Vacuuming takes shorter time with the duration preset to 10 minutes, however, the vacuum result may be slightly inferior. 1. After you have switched on Trilobite, press until "Select program?" is shown. If you don't want to change the time setting, press twice and start vacuuming by pressing . If you would like to change the time setting, please follow the next steps instead of step 3. (When "On" is chosen, use to set desired time, confirm by pressing . ) 6. Press to commence vacuuming. Spot vacuuming Use Spot vacuuming to quickly vacuum a limited area, like if you have spilled something. After you have switched on Trilobite, press until "Select program?" is shown. [. . . ] In all other cases, contact Customer Service, see page 18. Why doesn't it charge? 1. Check that Trilobite is correctly connected to the charger (Refer to page 8. ) 2. (Refer to page 8. ) What is the Cable Protection System? This is simply a system that prevents Trilobite from getting stuck in electric cords on the floor. What is the Trilobite Stairsafe system? It is a safety system that allows the Trilobite to detect and avoid falling down staircases using infrared light. Is it dangerous to touch the charging terminals? No. 27 V in the input mode. 16 English Why do I have to place magnetic strips by level differences of less than 10 cm? Depending on the floor colour and texture, Trilobite may not detect level differences of less than 10 cm in some cases. Do I need to vacuum myself also? Yes, in areas that Trilobite cannot reach, such as staircases, bookshelves, underneath very low furniture, etc. [. . . ]


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