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Manual abstract: user guide ELECTROLUX EWF 1029

Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] The symbols you will see on some paragraphs of this booklet have the following meaning: The warning triangle and/or the key words (Warning!) emphasize information that is particularly important for your safety or correct functioning of the appliance. The information marked with this symbol provides additional instructions and practical tips on the use of the appliance. Tips and information about economical and ecological use of the machine are marked with this symbol. [. . . ] The prewash ends with a short spin in programmes for cotton and synthetic fabrics, whereas in the programme for delicate fabrics the water is only drained. The Super Rinse option can be selected with all programmes except the wool programme. This option is recommended for people who are allergic to detergents, and in areas where the water is very soft. Spin speed The following speeds are available for the different fabrics: - cotton, linen: from 1000 to 500 rpm - syntetics, wool: from 900 to 450 rpm - delicates: from 700 to 450 rpm. This button allows you to select the Quick Wash function, for laundry that is only slightly soiled (not for wool and economy programme 60E). Rinse hold : by selecting this option the water of the last rinse is not emptied out to prevent the fabrics from creasing. When the programme has finished the phase light is on and the door is locked. Using the spin speed reduction button you can choose the desired spin. After having selected the required programme, press this button to start the machine; the corresponding pilot light stops flashing and remains lit. To interrupt a programme which is running, depress the Start/Pause button: the corresponding pilot light starts to flash. To restart the programme from the point at which it was interrupted, press the START/PAUSE button again. When you select the programme, the lights relevant to the phases that form the programme light up. After the machine has started, only the running phase pilot light stays on. / : when this light comes on this means that the machine is performing the washing phase. If you have selected the "Prewash" function, this light will be on during the prewash phase too. At the end of the programme the selector dial must be turned to position O, to switch the machine off. If you turn the programme selector dial to another programme when the machine is working, the lights of the programme progress display start to flash. The pilot light also flashes in the event of operating problems: - 4 flashes = the door has not been closed - 2 flashes = the machine does not empty - 1 flash = the machine does not fill To eliminate the problem, see paragraph "Something not working". Follow the wash code symbols on each garment label and the manufacturer's washing instructions. The following weights are indicative: bathrobe napkin quilt cover sheet pillow case tablecloth towelling towel tea cloth night dress ladies' briefs man's work shirt man's shirt man's pyjamas blouse men's underpants 1200 g 100 g 700 g 500 g 200 g 250 g 200 g 100 g 200 g 100 g 600 g 200 g 500 g 100 g 100 g Whites may lose their "whiteness" in the wash. New coloured items may run in the first wash; they should therefore be washed separately the first time. Rub particularly soiled areas with a special detergent or detergent paste. [. . . ] Every time you drain the water through the emergency emptying hose you must pour 2 litres of water into the main wash compartment of the detergent drawer and then run the drain programme. This will activate the ECO VALVE device avoiding that part of the detergent remains unused at next washing. If you notice that the machine is taking longer to fill, check that the filter in the water inlet hose is not blocked. Problems which you can resolve yourself, before calling the After Sales Service. [. . . ]


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