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[. . . ] You’ve chosen a product that brings with it decades of professional experience and innovation. So whenever you use it, you can be safe in the knowledge that you’ll get great results every time. Visit our website for: Get usage advice, brochures, trouble shooter, service information: www. Com Buy Accessories, Consumables and Original spare parts for your appliance: www. [. . . ] 2 Storage of frozen food When first starting-up or after a period out of use, before putting the products in the compartment let the appliance run at least 2 hours on the higher settings. 4 Movable shelves The walls of the refrigerator are equipped with a series of runners so that the shelves can be positioned as desired. 7 FREESTORE The FREESTORE function let food cool quickly and a more uniform temperature in the compartment. Switch on the FREESTORE function when the ambient temperature exceeds 25°C. Do not move the glass shelf above the vegetable drawer and the bottle shelf to ensure correct air circulation. 5 Ice-cube production This appliance is equipped with one or more trays for the production of icecubes. 6 Positioning the door shelves To permit storage of food packages of various sizes, the door shelves can be placed at different heights. Gradually pull the shelf in the direction of the arrows until it comes free. When you switch off the appliance remember to turn off the fan by pressing the button (A). 1 Normal operating sounds The following sounds are normal during operation: • • • A faint gurgling and bubbling sound from coils sound when refrigerant is pumped. A whirring and pulsating sound from the compressor when refrigerant is pumped. A sudden cracking noise from inside appliance caused by thermic dilatation (a natural and not dangerous physical phenomenon). A faint click noise from the temperature regulator when the compressor switches on or off. • • polythene bags to exclude as much air as possible. Bottles: these need a cap and should be stored on the door bottle shelf, or (if equipped) on the bottle rack. Bananas, potatoes, onions and garlic, if not packed, must not be kept in the refrigerator. 5 Hints for freezing To help you make the most of the freezing process, here are some important hints: • • • • the maximum quantity of food which can be frozen in 24 hrs. No further food to be frozen should be added during this period; freeze only top quality, fresh and thoroughly cleaned, foodstuffs; prepare food in small portions to enable it to be rapidly and completely frozen and to make it possible subsequently to thaw only the quantity required; wrap up the food in aluminium foil or polythene and make sure that the packages are airtight; do not allow fresh, unfrozen food to touch food which is already frozen, thus avoiding a rise in temperature of the latter; lean foods store better and longer than fatty ones; salt reduces the storage life of food; water ices, if consumed immediately after removal from the freezer compartment, can possibly cause the skin to be freeze burnt; it is advisable to show the freezing in date on each individual pack to enable you to keep tab of the storage time. 2 Hints for energy saving • Do not open the door frequently or leave it open longer than absolutely necessary. 3 Hints for fresh food refrigeration To obtain the best performance: • • • do not store warm food or evaporating liquids in the refrigerator do cover or wrap the food, particularly if it has a strong flavour position food so that air can circulate freely around it • • 5. 4 Hints for refrigeration Useful hints: • • • • • Meat (all types) : wrap in polythene bags and place on the glass shelf above the vegetable drawer. Fruit and vegetables: these should be thoroughly cleaned and placed in the special drawer(s) provided. [. . . ] The manufacturer declines all responsibility if the above safety precautions are not observed. Do a final check to make sure that: • All screws are tightened. In case you do not want to carry out the above mentioned operations, contact the nearest Authorised Service Centre. The Authorised Service specialist will carry out the reversibility of the doors at your cost. [. . . ]


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