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[. . . ] You’ve chosen a product that brings with it decades of professional experience and innovation. So whenever you use it, you can be safe in the knowledge that you’ll get great results every time. Get usage advice, brochures, trouble shooter, service information: www. Com Buy Accessories, Consumables and Original spare parts for your appliance: www. [. . . ] The function can be activated for the induction cooking zone only for a limited period of time. 11 OffSound Control (Deactivation and activation of the sounds) Deactivate the hob. Touch of the timer to choose one of the following: • - the sounds are off - the sounds are on • To confirm your selection wait until the hob deactivates automatically. When the function is set to hear the sounds only when: • • • • you can 4. You touch Minute Minder comes down Count Down Timer comes down you put something on the control panel. 12 Power management function • Cooking zones are grouped according to the location and number of the phases in the hob. € The function divides the power between cooking zones connected to the same phase. € The function activates when the total electricity loading of the cooking zones connected to a single phase exceeds 3700 W. € The function decreases the power to the other cooking zones connected to the same phase. € The heat setting display of the reduced zones changes between two levels. Diameter and position of the cookware Choose the mode applicable to the size and the shape of the cookware. Place the cookware with the bottom diameter smaller than 160 mm centrally on a single section. The sections can be combined into two cooking zones with different size, or into one large cooking area. You choose the combination of the sections by choosing the mode applicable to the size of the cookware you want to use. There are three modes: Standard (activated automatically when you activate the hob), Big Bridge and Max Bridge. Switching between the modes To switch between the modes use sensor field: . 100-160mm Place the cookware with the bottom diameter larger then 160 mm centrally between two sections. 3 FlexiBridge Big Bridge mode To activate the mode press until you see the correct mode indicator. The one front section is not connected and operates as a separate cooking zone. 2 FlexiBridge Standard mode This mode is active when you activate the hob. Correct cookware position: Correct cookware position: To use this mode you have to place the cookware on the three connected sections. If you use cookware smaller than two sections the display shows and after 2 minutes the zone switches off. [. . . ] The diameter of the bottom of the cookware is incorrect for the activated function or function mode. The diameter of the bottom Use cookware with correct of the cookware is too small dimensions. One or more sections of the function mode which operates are not covered by the cookware. Place the cookware on the correct number of sections of the function mode which operates or change the function mode. [. . . ]


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