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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Com/productregistration Buy Accessories, Consumables and Original spare parts for your appliance: www. Com/shop ENVIRONMENT CONCERNS Recycle the materials with the symbol . Help protect the environment and human health and to recycle waste of electrical and electronic appliances. Do not dispose appliances marked with the symbol with the household waste. [. . . ] Any frying must be done with care in order to make sure that the oil does not overheat and ignite. Accessible parts of the hood may became hot when used with cooking appliance. With regards to the technical and safety measures to be adopted for fume discharging it is important to closely follow the regulations provided by the local authorities. The hood must be regularly cleaned on both the inside and outside (AT LEAST ONCE A MONTH). This must be completed in accordance with the maintenance instructions provided in this manual). Failure to follow the instructions provided in this user guide regarding the cleaning of the hood and filters will lead to the risk of fires. Do not use or leave the hood without the lamp correctly mounted due to the possible risk of electric shocks. We will not accept any responsibility for any faults, damage or fires caused to the appliance as a result of the non-observance of the instructions included in this manual. Failure to install the screws or fixing device in accordance with these instructions may result in electrical hazards. USE The hood serves to aspirate the fumes and vapors resulting from cooking. The attached installation manual indicates the version to be used depending on the model you have, the suction version with external evacuation internal recirculation or filtering with . INSTALLATION The mains power supply must correspond to the rating indicated on the plate situated inside the hood. If provided with a plug connect the hood to a socket in compliance with current regulations and positioned in an accessible area, after installation. ENGLISH 5 The minimum distance between the supporting surface for the cooking equipment on the hob and the lowest part of the range hood must be not less than 50cm from electric cookers and 65cm from gas or mixed cookers. If the instructions for installation for the gas hob specify a greater distance, this must be adhered to. Before performing any maintenance operation, isolate the hood from the electrical supply by switching off at the connector and removing the connector fuse. Or if the appliance has been connected through a plug and socket, then the plug must be removed from the socket. The cooker hood should be cleaned regularly (at least with the same frequency with which you carry out maintenance of the fat filters) internally and externally. Failure to carry out the basic cleaning recommendations of the cooker hood and replacement of the filters may cause fire risks. The manufacturer declines all responsibility for any damage to the motor or any fire damage linked to inappropriate maintenance or failure to observe the above safety recommendations. [. . . ] Ventilatoren må alltid ha korrekt monterte lyspærer, både under bruk og i stand by, for å unngå risikoen for elektrisk støt. Sørg for at have følgende data tilgængelig, når du kontakter service. Manglende overholdelse af kravene for rengøring af emhætten, og for udskiftning og rengøring af filtrene, medfører brandfare. Hvis emhætten ikke er udstyret med et stik (direkte tilslutning til elnettet), eller hvis stikket ikke findes i et område, der også er let tilgængeligt efter installeringen, skal der monteres en topolet afbryderkontakt i overensstemmelse med standarderne, der sørger for fuld afbrydelse fra elnettet i tilfælde af forhold i overspændingskategori III, og i overensstemmelse med reglerne for elektriske installationer. [. . . ]


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