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[. . . ] MASTERCHEF DELUXE 110 INDUCTION USER GUIDE & INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS U111038 - 02a Each piece in the AGA Cookshop collection has been designed for optimum performance, to get the best results from your cooker. Developed by experts, our range of exclusive and essential cookware is designed for quality, performance and durability. AGA Cookshop has everything you need to get the most from your cooker, including stainless steel cookware, lightweight non-stick cast aluminium cookware, innovative and practical textiles, and a wide range of traditional and contemporary kettles. There are many items in the range suitable for all heat sources ceramic, halogen and induction hobs too. [. . . ] Slow Cook Oven The graduated temperature scale on the control knob (Fig. 17) allows you to either cook slowly for several hours (A) or all day while you are out (B). Temperature control Function control For long scale cooking select the cooler end of the scale and for a shorter cooking time select the hotter end of it. 17 (A) Conventional slow cook (B) Extended slow cook Plate warming only 16 Accessories Oven shelves The range is supplied with the following: • 4 telescopic shelves with runners (Fig. 15) The oven shelves are retained when pulled forward but can be easily removed and refitted. With the runner arm in the closed position locate the opening of the upper rear slot onto the side support (Fig. Lift the front of the runner arm to locate the front slot against the side support (Fig. The catch at the front will lift and drop to secure the runner arm in place (Fig. To fit a shelf to the telescopic shelf runners Slide the telescopic runners forward until they stop. Holding the shelf above the runners, tilt the front downward and locate into the front of the runners. While holding one of the runners securely, carefully lift the rear of the shelf upwards: the shelf will spring clear of the central restraining tab. NOTE: To aid the removal of the shelf you can insert a suitable flat tool through the opening in the side of the runners and lever the shelf clear (Fig. Tilt the front of the shelf downwards and then lift clear of the runners (Fig. Firstly, remove the shelf as in the ‘To Remove a Shelf from the Telescopic Shelf Runners’ section page 17. Open the catch on top of the runner and pull the runner forward and down to remove. If the oven light fails, turn off the power supply before changing the bulb. See the ‘Troubleshooting’ section for details on how to change the bulb. 2 Nearest to the element Middle High Middle Low Furthest from the element Four grill height positions refer to Fig. 4 To switch on the right half element Four grill height positions Nearest to the element Middle High To switch on both elements Fig. 180o Middle high – cheese on toast, welsh rarebit, courgette slices, back bacon. Furthest from the element – whole fish, thick pork chops, chicken breasts, chicken or beef skewers. Using the Probe The left-hand oven has a connection port for a meat probe (supplied) (Fig. [. . . ] Note: To aid the fitting of the outer plinth we advise that you open the doors when locating the 2 slotted brackets. Fitting the Splashback Position the splashback on the rear of the hotplate and secure with the screws supplied. 13 Customer Care Installer: Please complete your details in this guide, inform the user how to operate the cooker and hand over the instructions. Circuit Diagrams Hob Induction unit E 5 4 3 2 1 h2 and h3 h2 and h3 h2 and h3 Earth N(6) On terminal block N(4) On terminal block Hob display h2 and h3 h2 and h3 L(2) L(3) On terminal block h4 w/br w/br h4 1 2 Interface 5 w/br board 3 4 w/br h5 h6 w/br h5 1 2 5 3 4 Key Code Description The connections shown in the circuit diagram are for single-phase. [. . . ]


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