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[. . . ] Q Thread guide w Notch e Disk q e r Thread through the hole in the bobbin from the inside to the outside. With the free end of the thread held in your hand, depress the foot switch. After the bobbin has wound for about 10 seconds, stop the machine and cut the thread close to the hole in the bobbin. Return the bobbin winder to its original position by moving the spindle to the left, and cut the thread. [. . . ] Q Needle thread q w q Bring the bobbin thread up by pulling the needle thread. W Bobbin thread Pull both threads 4˝ to 6˝ (10 to 15 cm) under and behind the presser foot. 17 Changing Needle q w WARNING: Disconnect the AC adapter from the machine before changing the needle. Insert a new needle into the needle clamp with the flat side to the rear. When inserting the needle into the needle clamp, push it up as far as it goes. Q Needle clamp screw w Needle clamp e Flat side e r To check if a needle is bent, place the flat side of the needle onto something flat (e. A damaged needle can cause permanent snags or runs in knits, fine silks and silk-like fabrics. selecting Needle and Thread Fabric Light to Medium Weight Organdy , Georgette , Linen , Cotton , Percale Thread 50 Silk Needle 11 (65) or 50 Cotton 50 to 90 Synthetic 14 (90) NOTES: This machine is equipped with the size #14 (90) needles only. Do not attempt to sew if the machine does not feed the material or the needle does not penetrate into the fabric. 19 Adjusting the Needle Thread Tension q Balanced tension The ideal straight stitch has threads locked between two layers of fabric, as illustrated. Q To loosen w To tighten w y t e The tension requires adjustment depending on: - stiffness and thickness of the fabric - number of fabric layers - type of stitch e Needle thread (Top thread) r Bobbin thread (Bottom thread) t Right side (Top side) of fabric y Wrong side (Bottom side) of fabric r Tension is too tight w q e If the bobbin thread shows through on the right side (top side) of the fabric, turn the dial to a lower number to loosen the needle thread tension. Q Bobbin thread (Bottom thread) w Right side (Top side) of fabric e To loosen q w Tension is too loose If the needle thread shows through on the wrong side (bottom side) of the fabric, turn the dial to a higher number to tighten the needle thread tension. Q Needle thread (Top thread) w Wrong side (Bottom side) of fabric e To tighten e q For an ideal zigzag stitch, the bobbin thread does not show on the right side (Top side) of the fabric and needle thread shows slightly on the wrong side (Bottom side) of the fabric. Q Oberfaden 21 Stitch Selector q A w Raise the needle above the fabric. CAUTION: To avoid needle or fabric damage, make sure the needle is up and out of the fabric while selecting a stitch. B H G C Turn the dial to select the desired pattern by setting the symbol letter at the setting mark. Q Symbol letter w Setting mark NOTE: You can fine-tune the stitch length of the straight stitches (patterns A to D) by setting the dial between the symbol letters. BASIC SEWING Straight Stitch Stitch selector: Needle thread tension: A – D, E 2 to 6 NOTE: The stitch length of pattern E is the same as that of C. Starting to sew Raise the presser foot and position the fabric on the needle plate. Securing a seam To fasten the beginning of a seam, press the reverse stitch control and sew several reverse stitches first. [. . . ] When using an electrical appliance, basic safety precautions should always be followed, including the followings: Read all instructions before using this appliance. To reduce the risk of electric shock: The sewing machine should never be left unattended when plugged in. Always unplug this sewing machine from the electric outlet immediately after using and before cleaning. Close attention is necessary when this sewing machine is used by or near children. [. . . ]


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