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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] We have created it to give you impeccable performance for many years, with innovative technologies that help make life simpler – features you might not find on ordinary appliances. Visit our website to: Get usage advice, brochures, trouble shooter, service and repair information: www. Com Buy Accessories, Consumables and Original spare parts for your appliance: www. Com/shop CUSTOMER CARE AND SERVICE Always use original spare parts. [. . . ] There are two ways of lowering the basket depending on the loading: • If there is a full load of plates, slightly push the basket down. €¢ If the basket is empty or halfloaded, press the basket down. Slide your finger across MY TIME selection bar to choose a suitable programme. €¢ The ECOMETER indicates the level of energy and water consumption. If the programme has a prewash phase, put a small quantity of detergent on the inner part of the appliance door. For information about the detergent dosage, refer to the manufacturer's instructions on the packaging of the product. Usually, 20 - 25 ml of gel detergent is adequate for washing a load with normal soil. The upper ends of the two vertical ribs inside the compartment (B) indicate the maximum level for filling the dispenser with gel (max. €¢ The ECOMETER indicates the updated level of energy and water consumption. By default, options must be activated every time before you start a programme. If the latest programme selection is enabled, the saved options are activated automatically along with the programme. It is not possible to activate or deactivate options while a programme is running. Activating options often increases the water and energy consumption as well as the programme duration. • The display shows the longest possible program duration. The appliance senses the type of load and adjusts a suitable wash cycle. During the cycle, the sensors operate several times and the initial program duration can decrease. Opening the door while the appliance operates may affect the energy consumption and the programme duration. If the door is opened for more than 30 seconds during the drying phase, the running programme ends. Press repeatedly until the display shows the desired delay time (from 1 to 24 hours). During the countdown, it is not possible to change the delay time and the programme selection. 8 How to cancel the delay start while the countdown operates Press and hold for about 3 seconds. If you cancel the delay start, you have to select the programme again. [. . . ] Possible cause and solution • • There is too much salt in the water used for washing. Do not put silver and stainless steel items close to‐ gether. The detergent tablet was stuck in the dispenser and therefore was not completely washed away by water. Make sure that items in the baskets do not impede the lid of the detergent dispenser from opening. [. . . ]


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