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[. . . ] TravelMate P6 Series (14") User’s Manual 2- © 2013. TravelMate P6 Covers: TravelMate P645-S This revision: October 2013 Sign up for an Acer ID and enable Acer Remote Files Open the Acer Portal from the Start screen to sign up for an Acer ID or sign in if you already have an Acer ID. There are three great reason for you to get an Acer ID: • Remotely access your PC from your other devices with our free Acer Remote Files app • Get the latest offers and product information • Register your device for warranty service For more information please visit the AcerCloud website: www. acer. com/acercloud Model number: _________________________________ Serial number: _________________________________ Date of purchase: ______________________________ Place of purchase: ______________________________ Table of contents - 3 TABLE OF CONTENTS Using a Bluetooth connection 42 Enabling and disabling Bluetooth . . . . . . . . . . 42 First things first 6 Your guides . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [. . . ] Press and hold the power button for four seconds to shut down the computer. Then turn on the computer again, and try again. 58 - Power management POWER MANAGEMENT This computer has a built-in power management unit that monitors system activity. System activity refers to any activity involving one or more of the following devices: keyboard, mouse, hard disk, peripherals connected to the computer, and video memory. If no activity is detected for a period of time, the computer stops some or all of these devices in order to conserve energy. Saving power Disable Fast startup Your computer uses Fast startup to start quickly, but also uses a small amount of power to check for signals to start. If you prefer to reduce your computer’s power requirements and environmental impact, turn off Fast startup: Note If Fast startup is off, your computer will take longer to start from Sleep. Your computer will also not start if it receives an instruction to start over a network (Wake on LAN). 1. Select Choose what the power buttons do. Power management - 59 5. Select Save changes. 60 - Battery pack BATTERY PACK The computer uses a Lithium battery that gives you long use between charges. Battery characteristics The battery is recharged whenever you connect the computer to the AC adapter. Your computer supports charge-in-use, enabling you to recharge the battery while you continue to operate the computer. However, recharging with the computer turned off significantly reduces charge time. The battery will come in handy when you travel or during a power failure. It is advisable to have an extra fully charged battery available as backup. Contact your dealer for details on ordering a spare battery. Charging the battery To charge the battery, first make sure that it is correctly installed in the battery bay. Plug the AC adapter into the computer, and connect to a mains power outlet. You can continue to operate your computer on AC power while your battery is charging. However, charging the battery with the computer turned off significantly reduces charge time. Note You are advised to charge the battery before retiring for the day. Charging the battery overnight before traveling enables you to start the next day with a fully charged battery. Conditioning a new battery pack Before you use a battery pack for the first time, there is a conditioning process that you should follow: 1. Deplete the battery until the battery-low warning appears. Battery pack - 61 6. Follow these steps again until the battery has been charged and discharged three times. Use this conditioning process for all new batteries, or if a battery hasn't been used for a long time. If the computer is to be stored for more than two weeks, you are advised to remove the battery pack from the unit. [. . . ] • Don't respond to email messages that ask for personal information. Legitimate companies will not use email messages to ask for your personal information. When in doubt, contact the company by phone or by typing in the company Web address into your Web browser. Don't click on the links in these messages as they make take you to fraudulent, malicious Web sites. [. . . ]


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