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[. . . ] Technical Documentation of (EU) No 617/2013 Product type Product category Manufacturer name, address Product model number Year of manufacture ETEC allowance with capability adjustments when discrete graphics cards are disabled (from 1 July 2014) ETEC allowance with capability Notebook computer A B Acer Italy s. [. . . ] Measurement methodology for sleep mode Measurement methodology for off mode EN 62623:2013 — Desktop and notebook computers — Measurement of energy consumption: 5. Power supplies — Determination of no-load power and average efficiency of active modes. eCMA-109 2nd edition (December 1987) Declared Noise Emission Values of Computer and Business Equipment: 4. Measurement methodology for IPS efficiency Measurement methodology for EPS efficiency ECMA-74 11th edition (December 2010) Measurement of Airborne Noise emitted by Information Technology and Telecommunications Measurement methodology for noise level Equipment: 5. Method for determination of sound power levels of equipment in reverberation test rooms; 7. Method for determination of sound power levels of equipment under essentially free-field conditions over a reflecting plane; Annex C. [. . . ] Sequence of events required to reach the mode where the equipment automatically Not applicable changes to off mode The duration of idle state condition before the computer automatically reaches sleep 30 minutes mode, or another condition which does not exceed the applicable power demand requirements for sleep mode The length of time after a period of user inactivity in which the computer automatically reaches a power mode that 30 minutes has a lower power demand requirement than sleep mode The length of time before the display sleep mode is set to activate after user inactivity 10 minutes User information on the energy-saving potential of power management functionality User information on how to enable the power management functionality Test parameter for ambient temperature Test parameter for test voltage Test parameter for frequency Test parameter for total harmonic distortion of the electricity supply system http://www. [. . . ]


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