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Manual abstract: user guide ACER ASPIRE V5-552P

Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] To prevent short circuits, disconnect the • Wenn die Feststellbremse nicht verriegelt ist, battery’s negative terminal and make all electrical erscheint „Parking Brake (Feststellbremse)“ auf dem connections before installing the unit. € Be sure to ground this unit to the car’s Zur Vermeidung von Kurzschlüssen trennen Sie chassis again after installation. € Be sure any cable is not caught on the car’s chassis den negativen Batterieanschluss ab und stellen alle elektrischen Anschlüsse her, bevor das Gerät or under seats. Notes on electrical connections: • Sicherstellen erneut, daß das Gerät nach dem • Replace the fuse with one of the specified rating. [. . . ] € It is recommended to connect speakers with Hinweise zu elektrischen Anschlüssen: maximum power of more than 50 W (both at the • Die Sicherung mit einer der entsprechenden rear and at the front, with an impedance of 4 Ω to Nennleistung ersetzen. Häufig durch, wenden Sie sich an ihren ACER • To prevent short circuits, cover the terminals of Autoradiohändler. € Es wird empfohlen, Lautsprecher mit einer • At the time of installation, be sure to fix all wires Maximalleistung von mehr als 50 W anzuschließen (wires both from this unit and from the car itself) (sowohl hinten als auch vorne, mit einer Impedanz in a way that no wires can come into contact with von 4 Ω bis 8 Ω). € Zur Vermeidung eines Kurzschlusses die Anschlußklemmen der NICHT VERWENDETEN CAUTION: Install this unit in the console of your Leitungen mit Isolierklebeband umwickeln. Do not touch the metal parts of this unit • Bei der Installation befestigen Sie alle Drähte during and shortly after the use of the unit. Metal (Drähte von diesem Gerät und dem Fahrzeug parts such as the heat sink and enclosure become selbst) so an, dass die Drähte nicht in Berührung hot. 9 3:36:08 PM INSTALLATION (IN-DASH MOUNTING) The following illustration shows a typical installation. However, you should make adjustments corresponding to your specific car. If you have any questions or require information regarding installation kits, consult your ACER IN-CAR ENTERTAINMENT dealer or a company supplying kits. € If you are not sure how to install this unit correctly, have it installed by a qualified technician. Indien uw auto een ISO-aansluiting heeft • Contact your authorized car dealer before installing this unit. From the car body Von der Fahrzeugkarosserie De la carrosserie de la voiture Van het chassis van de auto Es kann erforderlich sein, die Verdrahtung der mitgelieferten Kabelbäume zu modifizieren, wie in der Abbildung gezeigt. The leads of the wiring harness and those of the connector from the car body may be different in color. 2 Connect the colored leads of the wiring harness in the order specified in the illustration below. € The terminals and cables of all models are shown in the illustration for the purpose of explanation. ) To the OE remote adapter *4 Zum OE-Remote-Adapter *4 Au adaptateur pour télécommande au volant *4 Naar de OE-afstandsbedieningsadapter *4 Fuse block Sicherungsblock Porte-fusible Zekeringblok See each diagram on pages 5 and 6. *3 Before checking the operation of this unit prior to installation, this lead must be connected, otherwise power cannot be turned on. *4 Do not connect the lead to any device other than the OE remote adapter. € Connect the remote lead (blue with white stripe) to the remote lead of the other equipment so that it can be controlled through this unit. € Disconnect the speakers from this unit, and connect them to the amplifier. [. . . ] € You can switch off the built-in amplifier and send the audio signals only to the external amplifier(s) to get clear sounds and to prevent internal heat built-up inside the unit. 0 kabel (accessoire van de iPod/iPhone) • To watch video, connect the iPod/iPhone using ACER KS-U30 *9 (separately purchased), otherwise, video is not displayed on the screen. *7 Firmly attach the ground wire to the metallic body or to the chassis of the car—to the place uncoated with paint (if coated with paint, remove the paint before attaching the wire). *9 When using the cable, you need to change the setting on the unit (see page 27 of the INSTRUCTION MANUAL). [. . . ]


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