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[. . . ] 88 Frequently asked questions 89 Securing your computer 76 Using a computer security lock . 95 I want to use Windows in the way that I'm used to - give me my desktop back!Turning the product off before cleaning Unplug this product from the wall outlet before cleaning. WARNINGS Accessing the power cord Be sure that the power outlet you plug the power cord into is easily accessible and located as close to the equipment operator as possible. [. . . ] Traveling with the computer When you are moving within a larger distance, for instance, from your office building to a client's office building or traveling locally. Preparing the computer Prepare the computer as if you were taking it home. Airport security may require you to turn on your computer when carrying it into the gate area. Traveling with your computer - 73 What to take with you Take the following items with you: • AC adapter • Spare, fully-charged battery pack(s) • Additional printer driver files if you plan to use another printer Special considerations In addition to the guidelines for taking the computer home, follow these guidelines to protect your computer while traveling: • Always take the computer as carry-on luggage. Airport security X-ray machines are safe, but do not put the computer through a metal detector. Traveling internationally with the computer When you are moving from country to country. Preparing the computer Prepare the computer as you would normally prepare it for traveling. What to bring with you Bring the following items with you: • AC adapter. 74 - Traveling with your computer • Power cords that are appropriate for the country to which you are traveling. € Additional printer driver files if you plan to use another printer. Special considerations Follow the same special considerations as when traveling with the computer. In addition, these tips are useful when traveling internationally: • When traveling in another country, check that the local AC voltage and the AC adapter power cord specifications are compatible. If not, purchase a power cord that is compatible with the local AC voltage. € If you are using the modem, check if the modem and connector are compatible with the telecommunications system of the country you are traveling in. Traveling with your computer - 75 S ECURING Y O U R COMPUTER Your computer is a valuable investment that you need to take care of. Security features include hardware and software locks — a security notch and passwords. Using a computer security lock The computer comes with a Kensington-compatible security slot for a security lock. Wrap a computer security lock cable around an immovable object such as a table or handle of a locked drawer. Using passwords Passwords protect your computer from unauthorized access. Setting these passwords creates several different levels of protection for your computer and data: • Supervisor Password prevents unauthorized entry into the BIOS utility. Once set, you must enter this password to gain access to the BIOS utility. Combine the use of this password with password checkpoints on bootup and resume from Hibernation (if available) for maximum security. [. . . ] Puteţi utiliza orice adresă de e-mail, dar este cel mai bine dacă utilizaţi una pe care o utilizaţi deja pentru a comunica cu prietenii şi cu care vă conectaţi pe site-urile preferate. Sfaturi de depanare Acest computer are un design avansat care oferă pe ecran rapoarte cu mesaje de eroare pentru a vă ajuta să rezolvaţi problemele. Atenţie: Schimbările sau modificările care nu sunt explicit aprobate de producător pot anula autoritatea utilizatorului, care este acordată de către Comisia Federală de Comunicaţii, de a opera acest computer. Există puţine posibilităţi pentru utilizarea în spaţii exterioare: Pe proprietăţile private sau pe proprietăţile private ale persoanelor publice, utilizarea este supusă procedurii de autorizare preliminară de către Ministerul Apărării, cu o putere maximă autorizată de 100 mW în benzile 2446, 5 – 2483, 5 MHz. [. . . ]


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