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[. . . ] 8 kWh/year adjustments when discrete graphics cards Not applicable are enabled (from 1 July 2014) ETEC allowance with capability adjustments when discrete graphics cards are disabled (from 1 January 2016) ETEC allowance with capability 31. [. . . ] 1 B Noise levels (the declared A-weighted sound power level, LWAd) of "HDD random seek" mode Minimum number of loading cycles that the batteries can withstand Configuration of memory Configuration of internal storage Configuration of discrete television tuner Configuration of discrete audio card Configuration of discrete graphics cards Configuration of discrete graphics cards category The battery in this product cannot be easily replaced by users themselves For products with an integrated display, the total content of mercury is 2. 3 B 400 cycles 2~16 GB 1~2 piece 0 piece 0 piece 0 piece Not applicable Yes 0 mg 2~16 GB 1~2 piece 0 piece 0 piece 1 piece G1 Yes 2. 3 B 400 cycles 0 mg Measurement methodology for ETEC COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) No 617/2013 of 26 June 2013 implementing Directive 2009/125/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council with regard to ecodesign requirements for computers and computer servers: ANNEX II Ecodesign requirements and timetable: 1. Method for determination of sound power levels of equipment in reverberation test rooms; 7. Method for determination of sound power levels of equipment under essentially free-field conditions over a reflecting plane; Annex C. EN 61960:2011 Secondary cells and batteries containing alkaline or other nonacid electrolytes — Secondary lithium cells and batteries for portable applications: 7. [. . . ] Sequence of events required to reach the mode where the equipment automatically Not applicable changes to off mode The length of time after a period of user inactivity in which the computer automatically reaches a power mode that 30 minutes has a lower power demand requirement than sleep mode The length of time before the display sleep mode is set to activate after user inactivity User information on the energy-saving potential of power management functionality User information on how to enable the power management functionality Test parameter for ambient temperature Test parameter for test voltage Test parameter for frequency Test parameter for total harmonic distortion of the electricity supply system 10 minutes http://www. [. . . ]


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