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Manual abstract: user guide ACER ASPIRE E1-470P

Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] ??????????? You will find information on using each lens in this manual. Precautions common to lenses, such as notes on use will be found in ?Precautions before using?This lens was developed jointly by Carl Zeiss and Sony Corporation and designed for Sony A-mount cameras. [. . . ] This lens is produced according to the strict standards and quality assurance system of Carl Zeiss. 2 Depth-of-field scale When focus is set on a subject, anything at that same distance will appear sharp, and anything within a certain range before and beyond the subject will also appear in focus; this is called depth of field. Depth of field depends on the subject distance and aperture you choose and is indicated by the lines on the depth-of-field scale corresponding to the aperture. When using this lens with an E-mount camera, attach a separately sold Mount Adaptor. Do not attach the lens directly to the E-mount camera or you may damage both. When you carry the camera with the lens attached, make sure to hold both the camera and the lens steadily. Specifications Product name (Model name) Equivalent 35mm-format focal length*1 (mm) Lens groups-elements Angle of view 1*2 Angle of view 2*2 Minimum focus*3 (m (feet)) Maximum magnification (X) Minimum f-stop Filter diameter (mm) Dimensions (maximum diameter height) (approx. ?????????(?????-???)??? When using a built-in camera flash, make sure to remove the lens hood and shoot from at least 1 m (3. ) While pressing and holding the lens release button on the camera, rotate the lens counterclockwise until it stops, then detach the lens. After removing the lens, place it with the lens contacts facing up so that neither the lens contacts nor the rear glass are damaged. ????????2?????????????? 8 Fit the lens hood into the mount on the end of the lens barrel and rotate the lens hood clockwise until it clicks. When storing, turn over the lens hood and place it onto the lens backwards. Focusing To switch between AF (auto focus) and MF (manual focus) Focusing can be switched between AF and MF on the lens. For MF photography, either or both the camera or lens should be set to MF. 8????????????? To set the focus mode on the lens (See illustration ?-?. In MF, turn the focusing ring to adjust the focus while looking through the viewfinder (See illustration ?-?). [. . . ] In MF, turn the focusing ring to adjust the focus while looking through the viewfinder (See illustration ?-?). The focus signal in the viewfinder indicates the current focusing state. ???????? To use a camera equipped with an AF/ MF control button ?? [. . . ]


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